"Most exceptions in an integration scenario are functional and can only be solved by business users."

Giving your key users Functional transparency of the activities on your integration solution is key to the success of a managable platform.

Have your functional users manage your business flows with
Codit Integration Dashboard

dashboard_blueAs integration projects typically have a long life time, the operational aspect of integration solutions is crucial. Customer experience demonstrated that most exceptions on an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) are caused by a functional reason and therefore should be solved by functional people. This is exactly what the Codit Integration Dashboard provides.


Ease of use for functional users

The Codit Integration Dashboard is a web based management tool that allows functional key users to monitor and manage the integration processes of their own business domain. Because the Codit Integration Dashboard is developed for non-technical users, it presents its data in an understandable, functional way. Message flows are easily visualized, showing a functional message tree of the actual business processes.

The business transaction monitor provides a business overview of all message flows, showing all relevant business properties.

Lower support costs

Codit Integration Dashboard is a one stop shop for managing your business processes and messages. This multi-functionality lowers the support cost of your integration solution.

Capability overview:
  • Monitoring of your Business Processes (grid view, message view, flow overview)
  • Secured view on your transactions
  • Query messages and processes, based on semantic properties
  • Resubmit (and edit) messages
  • Resume, terminate and handle processes
  • Stop and start BizTalk Server artifacts
  • Alerting and mail notifications on exceptions
  • Implement customer specific web pages

DashboardMessageOverview  DashboardProcessDetail


Designed for integration solutions that use Microsoft technologies

The Codit Integration Dashboard can be used for BizTalk solutions without changing anything in the development of the processes.  We don't require you to implement specific exception handling or publishing of exceptions, we just leverage and extend the out of the box BizTalk Tracking.


Because of the service oriented architecture (SOA), it is perfectly possible to implement (part of) the Codit Integration Dashboard functionality in a customer-specific portal application.

Codit Integration Dashboard: details
  • Supported runtime:BizTalk 2006-2013
  • Supported architecture:32bit and 64bit support

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