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BizTalk support and dependency
White paper

When working with a lifecycle product such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, it is recommend to always keep a close eye on the support lifecycle and the one of its supported platforms. What are the consequences when the Mainstream Support phase is coming to an end? What if Extended Support stops? What steps should you consider to ensure support on your investments? How to make sure your platform allows for new integrations, now and in the future? 

In this white paper we will first take a look at the timetables of the BizTalk support lifecycle. We will also explain what the consequences are of losing Mainstream and Extended support from Microsoft.

And what are your options? What to do when Microsoft support ends? You might need to consider upgrading to the latest version, BizTalk 2013. An upgrade ensures support and keeps your system agile to grow. The decision to upgrade your BizTalk environment however can’t be taken overnight. You have to take into account the software requirements and investigate your upgrade paths.

This white paper aims to explain the different options you have now that many, commonly used, configurations are approaching the end of their Microsoft support lifecycle.