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The Secret Ingredient that Makes Codit Netherlands a Great Place to Work

Hanane Azdad, HR Manager for Codit Netherlands, reveals the secret ingredient that makes Codit Netherlands a Great Place to Work.

In mid-2018, I joined Codit Netherlands as a Human Resources Manager. The first thing I noticed about the Codit Netherlands team is that it’s incredibly diverse, with colleagues from all different types of backgrounds and experiences. But what stood out for me the most, and what made me realize with absolute certainty I made the right decision joining Codit, is the closeness of the team. Even though there’s a huge diversity and the fact that many of our colleagues are often out of the office working with clients, the team is more like an extended family, working towards the same goals, whether these goals are within the Codit or for our customers.

My first impressions were proven correct when Codit Netherlands officially became a “Great Place to Work” this year. This certification is awarded by Great Place to Work Netherlands to organizations who have received outstanding scores from the Great Place to Work survey. Our colleagues anonymously filled out this survey and the results were then sent to Great Place to Work Netherlands for assessment.

My first impressions were proven correct when Great Place to Work Netherlands sent me the results from this survey and I felt proud that we received a high score in the trust, pride and camaraderie index. Our colleagues told us through this survey, that they have a strong trust in management, that they are proud to work for Codit, and most of all they appreciate the Codit family. This is of course the dream situation for every company, right? We’ve discovered the secret ingredient for a Great Place to Work is that family feeling that comes from forging connections between colleagues. But getting these results isn’t as easy as one would think! It requires a great deal of time and energy to strike the perfect balance between a close-knit team who is utterly professional in their work.

We do everything we can to nurture the Codit family feeling not just between colleagues, but also to the colleague’s families. At our quarterly Get Together meetings we make sure we do something fun together, every year we have a Family Day where we can unwind with our colleagues and their families, and the end of the year our colleagues and their partners are invited to celebrate with us.

On a professional note the survey indicated that our Codit family believe that all colleagues make the extra effort to get work done – in fact we received a score of 100% for this! We can attribute this not only to our colleague’s professionalism and dedication to the job, but also that management give them the responsibility and the freedom to try new things – this naturally leads to innovative solutions for our customers. We also invest heavily into research and development so not only are we working with the latest technology, our customers can benefit from it too.

As a HR Manager, the results from this survey are invaluable because these insights come from the employees themselves. I can not only see the amazing strengths of Codit Netherlands, but also action points for the next year, which we will tackle together as a team. The action points we received from this survey only show being a Great Place to Work is an ongoing process. This next year we have set the bar high, but we truly believe that we can make Codit Netherlands an Even Great Place to Work!

Discover here our core value’s and how we scored on them:

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