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Find out Why Senior Consultant, Vincent ter Maat, Likes Working for Codit

Today we introduce you to Vincent ter Maat, Azure and IoT specialist, who has been working for Codit for more than 5 years. Find out why Vincent thinks Codit is a great place to work in this exclusive interview.

I’ve been working for Codit for 5 years. I started as the Domain Lead for IoT, which was interesting and led to building some IoT projects for marketing purposes and for customers when we first launched IoT as a product. Codit gave me permission, and a budget, for a smart office project. I bought sensors and installed them around the office to collect data and worked with my colleagues on it as a part-time project, to show that we have competencies to do IoT. It also helped our sales team, because they had a working model they could show our customers.

What I like about working with Codit is the freedom I get. Freedom is important to me as it enables me to develop new skills while providing a solution for our customers that perfectly suites the problem at hand. Apart from using personal insights to solve problems, there are Codit standards and guidelines to adhere to. If the problem isn’t solved within those standards no one is micromanaging you, they trust me to come up with something sufficient. The standards are malleable and whenever I feel the need to provide additions or changes to these standards, I work together with my colleagues to discuss this and transfer the knowledge across the organization.

What I like about working with Codit is the freedom I get.

Vincent Ter Maat Senior Consultant Codit

For me, this shows Codit’s faith in their employees. They believe that their employees have the know-how to solve customer challenges, which means you can get thrown in the deep end. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone! You can always call your colleagues for help. You always feel supported when working on a project by the team.

With Codit you also get the chance to try out new skills or hard projects. With Codit the roles aren’t defined as hard. They listen when you need help with something, and they listen if you want to improve on something yourself to the benefit of the company.

Vincent ter Maate Codit Azure IoT Jobs

I’ve put Codit’s generous training budget to use by doing some training in such things as Microsoft Azure, IoT, Logic Apps and architecture. When I want to do a training which seems off the beaten track, I can justify my choice to management and why it makes sense for myself and Codit. They are flexible in how I develop my career.

That been said, I try to do training that’s related to projects I am working on at that moment. But if I have a goal in mind, I can already train for it, so when the projects do come I am ready for it. That was the case with IoT and some trainings also paved the way towards Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

What’s also great about working for Codit is the variety of customers. I’ve worked with customers from so many different industries – hydraulics, insurance companies, interior design, it’s nice I can apply my skills across all markets.

The project that sticks out to me is when I went to India and worked on a project for a large petroleum company. It was a Netherlands and Belgium collaboration and it was great to be on site and use my skills in the field.

Our projects are set-up in such a way that we work directly with customers to find solutions. It’s not just about developing and delivering solutions, I’m expected to think with the customer to create a solution that will suit them in the long term. I’m thinking of stuff they haven’t thought of, like future implications of the solution. It’s nice to get involved at the concept stage, so you can work on the idea and make sure all parts are aligned.

That been said, it’s not all talking to customers. I have days where I focus on just coding and have less interaction. I like the variety of the job between talking to customers and developing.

Besides integration, I did a lot of work in the IoT domain, which meant also helping sales for pre-sales projects. I would help them think about how a project should be done. Back when IoT was all new, we had to think of the different steps and all the information we had to get from the customer – there was no blueprint to go by. I involved my colleagues at Codit by training them to work on IoT projects.

Vincent ter Maat Codit IoT Azure Jobs

The team at Codit The Netherlands are pleasant people to work with. It’s also quite international, we have people from lots of different cultures here.  We get to bond a bit at events like family days, Christmas dinner, and team events. It can be fun to work with colleagues together at the same customer. If we don’t have the same projects, we do call each other or chat. Every week on a Friday we have a team get together at “Codit Café” and have a catch-up, that’s nice for team building. You’ve got the freedom to be flexible about where you work, both at the Codit office or at the client. So if you want to, so you can arrange to see some of your colleagues at the same time. Team building is important to me and I get the feeling that this is taken seriously.

The balance between work and private life is perfect. If I need more time for my private life it is possible, if I want to work in the evenings instead it’s also ok but of course this depends on the customer. I find it easy to get a balance between work and private life and for me that’s a huge plus.

In my free time I play music, piano, and trumpet. I play for myself and the family on birthdays and at Christmas. Our family’s favorite Christmas song is “Last Christmas” by Wham!

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