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Maintaining Chain Integrity After Recovery

In disaster recovery, the complete restoration process is not always taken into account. Not only does the affected system need to be restored, the surrounding systems also need to be considered since they are no longer running synchronously.

Considerations for maintaining chain integrity after a system or disaster recovery

In the white paper, we investigate the restoration process of an integration solution. In other words: how to restore a chain after a failure.

Microsoft BizTalk Server (BizTalk) is the most appropriate tool for connecting applications. It offers a solution to a wide variety of integration challenges.

Restoration following a system failure (disaster recovery) is not always taken into account. Aside from the necessary effort needed to restore the failed system, the surrounding systems also need to be considered. A backup always concerns a situation from the past that has been saved. By performing a recovery of a single system (restoring the last backup) the recovered system is running behind in comparison to the surrounding systems (i.e. no longer running synchronously).

Functional chain recovery involves restoring the chain in the event that one or more systems within this chain fail. There are certain important aspects of this recovery to consider.

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