Increase Your Supply Chain Visibility with IoT and Blockchain

Combining the convenience of IoT with the reliability of Blockchain technology, Codit's Track & Trace solution creates new visibility in the supply chain. Optimize your existing processes to ensure quality and establish accountability for trust and transparency across the entire product journey.

From environmental factors to transport conditions, across the supply chain, products encounter countless unseen variables that can impact their quality. Without thorough and accurate tracking, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders are left in the dark about a product’s true status. Overcome the unknown and open your supply chain visibility with a comprehensive view of the entire product flow.

Track & Trace is a customizable Internet of Things (IoT) solution that uses Blockchain technology and API integration to improve the transparency, accountability, and efficiency of supply chains. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the scalable services integrate quickly with your existing systems for effective, reliable, and continuous tracking. IoT sensors track products throughout their entire flow, and smart contracts record the real-time data. The result is one shared “ledger”, or registry, of transparent tracking that all partners can access.


  • Monitor the whole product flow with absolute and accurate tracking
  • Ensure quality and establish accountability with shared permanent telemetry data
  • Improve processes with secure and streamlined supply chain systems
Discover more Track & Trace advantages

Enable transparent, efficient product tracking

  • Continuously monitor relevant data—such as temperature, humidity, transport, and location—in real time at each stage of the process
  • Guarantee quality to end customers and attain certification standards with the ability to easily trace product conditions from origin to end point

Securely and easily integrate existing supply chain systems.

  • Integrate existing systems—and those of your partners—to the shared blockchain with a simple, secure API integration that exposes only the data you want to share.
  • Scale up or down as needed to monitor and manage as many products, parameters, and transactions as needed.

Improve trust with one, shared record of the product journey.

  • Provide a “single source of truth” with a permissioned, shared, permanent record that documents the flow and conditions of products.
  • Establish pre-defined quality parameters and smart contracts for each type of product transported and make them visible to all community members.
  • Easily resolve disputes, or avoid them altogether, with one, immutable history of product storage and transport.


With Track & Trace the possibilities are endless - enabling multiple parties to transparently track the status of almost anything.

Sam Vanhoutte CTO

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