Codit Appoints Evelien Ombelets as its First CFO

Expanding market reach, a growing team, increasing success: for our company, it all adds up to a new milestone – and a new management role. Meet our Chief Financial Officer....

We’re pleased to announce that Evelien Ombelets has been appointed Codit Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – the first in Codit history.

As CFO, Evelien will serve as the financial spokesperson for the organization, managing Codit’s financial actions and supervising the entire finance unit. Working closely with the other chief officers of the Group, Evelien will drive company financials, perform risk management, and determine the most effective investment strategies for our company.

Evelien comes into the role with not only strong financial expertise but also experience with our unique Codit culture and business, having previously served as Codit Group Financial Controller and holding various financial positions throughout her career before joining Codit.

This pivotal role has been created at an important moment in our company’s evolution, readying us for the years to come with an even stronger financial span of control and a focused financial strategy to sustain our growth,” says Stijn Degrieck, Codit CEO, “In the past few years Codit has expanded significantly in so many ways: our market offering, our customer base, our Codit team, our revenue, and our international market presence. Establishing the CFO role allows us to position ourselves to advance all parts of our business in the coming years. With all that Evelien brings as CFO, I will be able to concentrate even more closely on commercial and strategic opportunities. I very much look forward to working together with Evelien to continue moving our company forward.