And That Makes 3: Codit Belgium Once Again Officially a Great Place to Work!

For us, the third time isn’t the charm - it’s confirmation. We’re proud to announce that Codit Belgium has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the third year running!

Just as we have the past two years, Codit Belgium has been officially certified as a Great Place to Work. And we are happier than ever!

Receiving this certification for a third time in a row confirms not just our efforts to make our team feel truly fulfilled in their jobs, but also our long-term commitment to provide a consistently warm and supportive workplace.

Great Place to Work Belgium evaluates the level of trust, pride, and happiness within organizations by having employees complete an extensive survey. The results of this survey are then analyzed and only organizations that achieve top scores receive the Great Place to Work title.

Annick Lauryssen, Codit HR Manager: “Many of the categories in the Great Place to Work survey align perfectly with our company’s core values: quality first, dedication to innovation, and a happy place. Our results and ranking are a first-hand acknowledgement of our dedication to hard work in making Codit’ers feel supported and happy. And the fact that we’ve been recognized three consecutive years shows that our focus on employee satisfaction isn’t a temporary one, but instead, is a permanent goal at the heart of our company’s vision.”

That means that it won’t stop here! This year’s certification only motivates us even more to keep our team happy and our workplace at the top of the charts.