Codit CEO Stijn Degriek Appears on The Cares Principle Podcast

Stijn talks everything Codit, and why he feels an employee-first approach is essential in IT.

Codit CEO Stijn Degrieck appeared on The Care Principles podcast this week, where he talked about his journey through the company and the importance of an employee-first approach and strong internal culture.

The Care Principles Podcast interviews entrepreneurs, to talk about how the most successful companies are those who realize that they can be forces for good, both amongst their employees and customers, and in the wider world.

Stijn talks about how the differences in culture between Codit’s 8 counties can be leveraged in a positive way, and how the company’s family-like atmosphere stayed consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also covers the responsibility tech-driven companies have to be sustainable.

Watch the conversation on YouTube here, or else find it on your favorite podcast app!