Codit Netherlands Officially a Great Place to Work!

Codit Netherlands has being officially certified a Great Place to Work - this is a huge achievement!

It is with great pride that we announce that we are officially certified as a Great Place to Work.

Our results:

Great Place To Work Codit Nederland

As you can see, we scored highly in the following areas:

  • Codit employees get training and development to support professional growth.
  • You can count on your team if you need them.
  • Employees here are willing to make extra efforts to finish the work.
  • There’s a nice atmosphere in the office.

Great Place to Work Netherlands explores the level of trust, pride and happiness within organizations by having employees complete an extensive survey. The results of this survey are then analysed and only organizations that achieve top scores receive the Great Place to Work title.

“At the Great Place to Work Netherlands we believe that being a good employer is the key to a successful organization.  The organizations that have a culture of trust, pride and fun perform better. It’s an achievement to be proud of and a performance that deserves attention,” said René Brouwers, Director from Great Place to Work Netherlands.

This is an amazing recognition for the efforts that we put into making our employees happy and fulfilled in their jobs. Of course, we aim to make our already Great Place to Work an even better place to work in the future!

This is quite an achievement for a small organization participating for the first time - we're very proud.

Sjoerd van Lochem General Manager Codit Netherlands

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