Vote for Codit as the next Voka Ambassador 2018

For the 8th year in a row, VOKA is looking for an Ambassador for East-Flanders. This year's edition focuses on future-proof organizations who play a pioneering role in digitization and innovation in East-Flanders.

Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

We are proud to announce our CEO, Stijn Degrieck, and Codit are nominated to be Voka Ambassador of the year for the East-Flanders region.

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Each year Voka Ambassadeur Oost-Vlaanderen, the Flemish organization for enterprises, selects an Ambassador for each Belgian region. This Ambassador is a charismatic and socially engaged entrepreneur, who is aware of the political and business economic developments in his community. Together with Voka and local policy makers, the Ambassadors do everything they can to ensure a business-friendly climate together. They also form a critical sounding board for the municipal administration.

The theme for this year’s Ambassador selection is ‘future proof’. Voka is currently looking for an ambassador who demonstrates excellent SME entrepreneurship and successfully responds to a rapidly changing world.

Cast your vote today so that Codit can win this incredible award.