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Lessons Learned when Integrating with D365

In this webinar, you’ll get insights on the implementation aspect of integration with Dynamics 365 and learn which technology components you should use for your specific scenario.

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The Agenda

Introduction: Architecture First!
Common Integration Patterns
Integration Capabilities
Cloud vs Hybrid
Choosing Your Platform and Method

26 Sep 2019

2019-09-26 14:45:00

This webinar will distill the lessons Codit has learned through our experience with over a decade of architecting, developing and maintaining integration solutions surrounding Dynamics ERP and CRM implementations.

We will focus on the specific knowledge we’ve gained in numerous Dynamics 365 projects and share some valuable technical insights on integrating with and accessing data from Dynamics 365 using a variety of proven products, tools and components.

Just like our other webinars there is no pre-requisites required – all interested parties are welcome to join.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • learn how to set up your integration landscape and how to map the integration patterns to your business processes
  • have insights into the different integration capabilities of Dynamics 365
  • be able to make an informed decision about which integration platform to use and which method will offer the most value for your business

Your Host for This Webinar

Pim is Senior Consultant and Integration Domain Lead at Codit Netherlands. His main focus is on delivering business value to customers through integration by implementing Azure Cloud, hybrid solutions or classic on-premises solutions. As a Domain Lead, he helps coordinating Codit’s R&D projects, keeps track of new developments and supports colleagues in extending their expertise.

Pim Simons

Integration Domain Lead - Senior Consultant

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