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Mobile Apps Integration

How to make data and business logic available for mobile use?

Making on-premise data and business logic of your line of business (LOB) applications and ERP solutions securely available to your mobile workforce anywhere, anytime: how to get to it? It is certainly not the mobile app, but integration that does the trick. Data and logic need to be synchronized and available in real-time. It requires additional attention for security, SOA governance and API management. Let us help you get mobile apps working as they should.



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Enterprise mobility requires you to integrate back-end systems and connect with mobile apps. It includes leveraging the data and capabilities of your on-premise and SaaS apps and the virtualization of your interfaces with Sentinet. Codit helps you rethink your integration strategy to make your enterprise fully mobile.

Codit can help you decide what is best for you: from on premises to fully outsourced and/or cloud.

  • we have a strong experience in methodology
  • we have a strong focus on technology


Figures prove it: there are more mobile devices than people on earth. Your customers are evolving fast, are on-the-go and demand convenience. Your workforce needs to be on-the-go just as well. We all carry our online lives with us everywhere we go. Do you want to stay ahead of the game? 


Business benefits

  • Improve people’s efficiency
  • Capture the business knowledge inside your company
  • Amaze your customers with the best customer services ever
  • Run your business on-the-go
  • Connected enterprises drive more revenue
  • Securely expose your business logic and data to the outside world

Technical benefits

  • Integration is an enabler of “things”
  • You make it possible for your mobile workers to be always “on”
  • On-boarding new mobile workers never was this easy
  • Integration is key for Internet of Things
  • Manage and monitor your service calls easily and constantly
  • Create SLA’s on services by configuration

Some clients we helped

Building more and more enterprise services for the mobility platform and customer experience on the web, requires standards. The key to mobility is in the service layer.

Hans Valcke, Integration CoE Lead / Application Director, Unilin

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