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Integration of Things
White paper

In 2015, Internet of Things (IoT) was one of the hottest topics in the industry. It was hyped by a lot of companies. However, IoT is more than a hype and is here to stay - research reports envision that by 2020 almost everything will be connected to the internet. Doing so will make our lives easier and more enjoyable, automate production pipelines in factories, build smart houses that are aware of the environment, and so on.

Nonetheless, such solutions need to be scalable to meet the rising demand, secure to prevent tampering or harm, and last but not least they need to be remotely managed to avoid manual interventions.

As Codit is building integration solutions since 2000, we believe that a lot of the same concepts and patterns can be reused to build Internet of Things solutions. However, Internet of Things ecosystems also have a lot of differences compared to a traditional integration application.

This white paper will highlight why and how organizations can reuse existing integration concepts and practices to build Internet of Things solutions