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Bring innovation to your ambitions by choosing IoT technology and intelligent data for your utility company.

Join Codit and Microsoft on the 18th of February and go home with a myriad of new, innovative ideas: 

  • Discover how Internet of Things can and will influence your business, and how it will help you achieve innovative progress, new opportunities and excellence in customer service. 
  • Be inspired by how other industries deploy IoT and what innovations intelligent data helps them produce.
  • Explore how intelligent data flow, analytics and automation can make a positive difference to your utility company.


18th of February 2016 - Be Inspired. The Internet of Things opens doors in your industry


10:00 am - Reception at the Microsoft EBC Brussels

10:30 am – The Internet of Things in your company? You can use it now. Why wait? 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? What is its added value to your company? When you consider the IoT as the "Internet of Your Things", you immediately grasp the importance of what already exists in your company; "things" such as data, devices and services. By linking these “things” to each other and to the cloud, you create new pathways towards innovation and even transformation.

With its vision "mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise", Microsoft aims to help companies build on their existing technology and data. Many industries can benefit from these tailor-made cloud solutions, whether their goal is more flexibility, cooperation, scalability or all of the above. Why not implement the IoT in your company? Discover how Microsoft clients in production, health, retail and even the government profit from the IoT and let yourself be inspired.

11:00 am - How can you make your data intelligent and open that door to innovation?

Let's imagine you want to optimize your energy consumption. The first step will be to take measurements; thus gaining insight into consumption behaviour and patterns of consumption. You can then transform your collected data into "intelligent" data by implementing innovative technologies, such as the cloud, big data analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things. This process is all the more successful when combining proprietary data with other data flows. 

This session will demonstrate how measurements, visualisation, analyses, predictions and automations point the way to a more innovative business model. Discover how the IoT helps you detect trends, patterns and irregularities, which allow you to take (proactive) measures.

11:30 am - Break

11:45 am - How do other companies use Microsoft's technology to implement new business models, offer better service and accelerate decision-making?

By making data intelligent, every sector is capable of putting innovative ideas into practice. Microsoft's newest technologies can be exploited in a number of ways:  

  • Deploy interactive reporting tools to interpret your energy consumption
  • Explore data with Microsoft technology
  • How does a production company in the paper industry respond to the dynamic energy market?
  • Implement machine learning to detect trends and irregularities, predict energy patterns and provide prognoses on solar energy
  • Use predictive maintenance on heating and air-conditioning systems to save energy

Discover how other companies cleverly use Azure IoT to combine different data flows. We demonstrate how they fully analyse data and discover new possibilities while using Cortana Analytics. Discover how Power BI can help you visualize data and report on your findings.

12:30 - 1.30 pm – Lunch

Future-proof your company 

Start now. We can help you transform your data and "Things", combine data flows and gain new insights with real-time analyses and machine learning. Remote monitoring, predictive maintenance or real-time decision taking are all within reach.


Practical information

Date: Thursday, 18th of February 2016, 10am – 1.30 pm

Location: Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC), Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Brussels

This event is a collaboration between Microsoft and Codit.

Eventbrite - Get Inspired, by the Internet of Things.

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