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Enterprise Application Integration

Facilitate collaboration in a connected world

The primary goal of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is to establish a connected enterprise that moves forward faster than competition. EAI is to ensure that your enterprise systems can communicate and make information available to the business in the most efficient way. Codit makes a plea for the industrialization of integration, allowing customers to plug and play with a scalable, future-proof integration solution – EAI, SOA or ESB architecture. EAI optimizes collaboration, locally and globally, and provides you optimum transparency in business processes.






Codit helps you decide what integration scenario works best for you: from on-premises to fully outsourced, hybrid or in the cloud. We apply the best experiences from all integration projects in yours. It comes with the Codit methodology. A strong focus on technology drives the passion for Microsoft technology.


“Codit automates processes and connects systems and people to empower companies through increased business insights, control and efficiency.”
Stijn Degrieck, CEO of Codit

Business benefits

  • Improve the collaboration within your company (group level) and with third parties
  • Excel in customer service: react faster and more accurate than ever before
  • Enable your business to be super agile
  • Have your data available across the company in real-time
  • Make people and processes more efficient
  • Provide transparency in your processes
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of integrations
  • The investments pays off with a fast return (ROI)
  • Empower your business with data & process insights whenever and wherever

Technical benefits

  • Set up future proof connections only
  • Easy to expand – as in plug and play
  • Flexible to respond to unexpected needs
  • Giant leap forward in the ease of maintaining and monitoring integrations
  • Leverage and maximize the full potential and functionality of all applications 
  • Distributable for distributed environments
  • Resolve incidents in no time (through centralized monitoring)

Some clients we helped

The best possible solution seemed to be a message broker software that allows users to exchange messages from different systems and applications. We choose BizTalk Server, because it‘s user-friendly and it offers a standard development environment. 

Filip Pynckels, director-general ICT, FPS Home Affairs

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