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Partner connectivity – B2B integration

How to ensure IT can follow the pace?

Want to make a difference in business? Agility is your friend. If an opportunity comes along, you need to be able to jump. Certainly when no time is allowed to adapt. Exchanging data with new business partners should never be an obstruction or decelerator for business growth. With B2B integration (such as EDI), you can set up an efficient and compliant data exchange with your business partners in no time.  






To follow the pace, integration is not a matter of “if” but “how”.

Codit helps you decide what B2B integration scenario best fits your specific needs. On-premises , cloud-based or hybrid integration – your technology implementation is safe in the hands of dedicated Codit experts. With a set-up sustainable for growth. You can even opt for carefree Integration as a Service.



Business benefits

  • Improve your business relationships
    • Optimize your supply chain (B2B)
  • Create sustainable competitive advantage
    • Make your company agile for growth
    • Gain real-time visibility in operations
    • Get fast reporting
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Reduce costs

Technical benefits

  • Shorten the turnaround time of new integrations
    • Make integration with new business partners easy
  • Enable fast data exchange
  • Ensure reliability
  • Give faster incident resolution
  • Improve overall efficiency

Some clients we helped

Without BizTalk, production would stop within three hours. Business integration is critical for our company.

Jean-Pierre Vandemaele, IT-Consultant, Stora Enso

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