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Azure IoT support

Azure IoT support

Managing Azure IoT architectures

Rely on the Codit Managed Services to keep your Azure-based IoT solution operational at all times whilst being able to adapt to new and urgent business requirements.


Ensure continuity
we monitor your processes and measure performance for continuous availability

Reduce costs
we help you control and limit the total cost of ownership of integrations

Focus on adding value
With integration experts at your fingertips to support and firefight, your teams can focus on new business

Guarantee your SLA
We help you provide the SLA your business needs, and you don’t have to worry about it


Rely on Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists for emergency hotline or full ownership support. Our availability guarantee ranges from basic support to 24/7. No more need for you to invest in recruitment or training programs and you can free your staff to work on strategic projects. Discover more about support models and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Blue Managedservices

Your solution is monitored by high quality innovative tools.


Health check reports and operational audits help you to demonstrate the added business value of the solution

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Specialists will interpret data and take action before issues arise. Ensure fast response times by a combination of high availability (up to 24/7) and instant expertise

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Allow your company to quickly adapt to new business requirements and maintain a high level of business agility

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We support different outsourcing models, from your own Azure subscription managed by you or us; or on our subscriptions. Your Azure solution is best managed by outsourcing to us.


Codit Managed Services provides you everything you need to keep your operations running day in day out. Please request for more information about the entire services portfolio of our managed services. 

For instance, you can also rely on Codit Managed Services for

  • FTP as a Service
  • Support on MDS solutions
  • Managed Services for API Management
  • BizTalk Managed Services
  • Azure Managed Services
  • ...

You choose

We organize our services so they are adapted to your needs, your budget and the required Service Level Agreement. Our approach is flexible and pragmatic in different domains:

  • Fixed price or Time & Material pricing

  • Availability guarantee ranges from basic support up to 24/7

  • From emergency hotline to full ownership: all of our support levels are ITIL based

  • Codit supports hybrid models providing you with the flexibility needed

  • On-site intervention or remote support

Some clients we helped

We found that Codit is big enough to provide Stora Enso with the service it needs. We are a company that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; we need guarantees.  

Chris De Hollander, CEO, Stora Enso

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