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BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server

Codit exclusively uses Microsoft technology. If it isn't for the expertise, it's for the passion.

With more than 12,000 installed customers, BizTalk is the number-one integration solution and value leader worldwide. These customers trust BizTalk for solutions such as payment processing, supply chain management, business-to-business interactions, real-time decision making, and reporting. BizTalk includes the tools that you need to connect your apps across your data center, and in the cloud when and where you need them.

BizTalk: Mature Integration and connectivity server

BizTalk Server is Microsoft's Integration and connectivity server solution. A mature product providing a solution that allows organizations to more easily connect disparate systems. Including multi-platform adapters and a robust messaging infrastructure, BizTalk Server provides connectivity between core systems both inside and outside your organization. In addition to integration functionality, BizTalk also provides strong durable messaging, a rules engine, EDI connectivity, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), RFID capabilities and IBM Host/Mainframe connectivity.

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NEW: Whitepaper explaining what to do now that the support for the current SAP adapter ends


SAP adapter whitepaper cover

As of April 2016, SAP says it will no longer support the classic RFC Library; businesses should start the transition to the new SAP NetWeaver Library. Since this is also impacting BizTalk environments, Microsoft released hotfix packages to migrate the current BizTalk SAP Adapter to use the new SAP NetWeaver Library via the SAP Connector for .NET.

Learn how to upgrade in this whitepaper.


Business-to-business messaging 

  • Build efficient and reliable business-to-business messaging solutions. 
  • Establish relationships with new trading partners quickly. 
  • Support industry standards and connectivity with other platforms. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with your internal systems. 
  • Automate processes to ensure transactions are executed promptly, completely, and correctly. 
  • Scale easily as transaction volume increases.

Build cloud applications to integrate with SaaS

  • Build applications on the cloud to integrate with SaaS applications as well as your existing cloud-based applications. 
  • Model, build, and deploy cloud applications to quickly adapt to integration needs as they evolve. 
  • Use tools and portals for monitoring and managing integration flows.

Build hybrid applications across cloud and on-premises

  • Bring it all together with BizTalk Services and Hybrid Connections. 
  • Couple the flexibility of cloud applications with your on-premises data and services. 
  • Deploy hybrid applications with maximum agility – no need to configure a VPN, alter your network perimeter or open up your firewall.

BizTalk components

Combining different systems into effective business processes is a challenging problem. Accordingly, BizTalk Server includes a range of technologies. The heart of the product is the BizTalk Server Engine:

  • A messaging component that provides the ability to communicate with a range of other software. By relying on adapters for different kinds of communication, the engine can support a variety of protocols and data formats, including Web services.
  • Support for creating and running graphically-defined processes called orchestrations. Built on top of the engine's messaging components, orchestrations implement the logic that drives all or part of a business process.
  • Several other BizTalk components can also be used in concert with the engine, including:
  • A Business Rule Engine that evaluates complex sets of rules.
  • A Group Hub that lets developers and administrators monitor and manage the engine and the orchestrations it runs.
  • An Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) facility that provides the ability to map authentication information between Windows and non-Windows systems.
  • On top of this foundation, BizTalk Server includes Business Activity Monitoring, which information workers use to monitor a running business process. The information is displayed in business rather than technical terms, and business users determine what information is displayed.

For more information, please visit Microsoft BizTalk website or Microsoft blog (we have over a hundred of blogposts related to BizTalk: scroll and find answers to your technical BizTalk questions here)

Some clients we helped

Integration means we can make maximum use of all systems, and API Management allows us to use various pieces of functionality in a controlled and secure way. This deeply embedded integration is central to our digital transformation.

Simon Lamkin, CIO, Brussels Airlines