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Integration Framework

Integration Framework

Do you prefer custom built or proven enterprise-ready technology for BizTalk implementations?

Give an integration problem to 5 different developers and you’ll get 5 different implementations. Implementing all your integration flows in one consistent way makes maintenance, change management, troubleshooting and knowledge transfer much easier. With Codit Integration Framework you will achieve this high level of consistency, generating an immediate positive impact on the Total Cost of Ownership of your integration solution. It allows you to build your mission critical integration solution on robust, proven and supported components.

Benefits & features

Faster time to value
The Framework allows a significant reduction of BizTalk implementation and testing time 

When using the Codit Integration Framework, the implementation of your Microsoft integration solution is more configuration than development

Added value
You can focus on the business solution only, and simply trust upon proven technology

A packaged solution that helps to implement a big set of common integration patterns and problems. Applied best practices included

Reusable configurable components that help to avoid custom development

Available cross-technology and built for high performance

Microsoft technology
Support for every new BizTalk version (2006 and above) and ready for BizTalk Services. The Codit Integration Framework is also available for WCF, Workflow, Azure BizTalk Services and Codit Integration Cloud

You get support and product updates through our Software Assurance program. Ask for more information.


The Codit Integration Framework consists of an extended set of enterprise proven components. These components help to solve typical integration problems through the application of industry proven patterns. By leveraging these components, the less custom development is needed and testing cycles are dramatically shortened.

The Framework provides an extensive set of reusable components for BizTalk Server, WCF, WF, Azure BizTalk Services and Codit Integration Cloud. These components solve common integration patterns in a robust and proven manner. Codit Integration Framework is processing more than 10 million messages every single day at various customers in different industries and in different mission critical solutions.

  • Business Activity Monitoring on line level
  • Business Activity Monitoring on using database lookups
  • Pdf generation
  • Pdf signing

Codit Software Assurance offers a 24/7 helpdesk in case of issues. It is available for all of our products.

Through software assurance, customers also get access to every new version of our products and the upgrade to every new BizTalk, WCF, WF and BizTalk Services version is guaranteed.


  • Professional 24/7 support with SLA

  • Leverage supported, proven products

  • Guaranteed future proof upgrade path

  • Professional support center available through Codit Managed Services

  • Products are in constant evolution. With Software Assurance you always receive new features and functionalities

  • Dynamic and advanced content-based routing and property promotion
  • Database based routing
  • High performant database transcoding and mapping of message fields
  • (Re)Sequencing of messages based on content values
  • Deduplication of messages
  • Solve encoding and character issues
  • Gateway patterns, preserving message state
  • XML Schematron component
  • Excel parsing
  • JSON support for BizTalk 2013
  • Functional error handling
  • Complex Message Validation
  • Built-in exception handling
  • And many more...


"Customers don't want to reinvent the wheel. They want to focus on their specific business problems, not on technical patterns," 

says Sam Vanhoutte, CTO at Codit, about why Codit developed the Integration Framework.

Some clients we helped

Using the Invictus Integration Framework was one of the reasons why we managed to successfully round off the project four months ahead of schedule. It allowed us to speed up the development of interfaces by 10 to 30%.

Peter Colpaert, IT Specialist, Stora Enso