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How to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your integration solution?

2 major steps to take

1. Connect your applications, data or existing middleware through the internet with Codit Integration Cloud

What is Codit Integration Cloud?

Codit Integration Cloud is an online integration platform that enables you to connect your applications and business partners in a reliable and transparent cloud environment. The platform helps you to set up connections and integrations quickly and most efficiently. No investments in hardware, licenses or installations upfront. And it provides you with all major benefits of cloud computing including getting "Integration as a Service".

How does Codit Integration Cloud lowers the TCO of your integration solution?

With this integration cloud environment, you have a lot less concerns about integration. No more concerns about investments to come or plans to foresee those investments. You may immediately stop thinking about datacenter infrastructure, hardware, software, monitoring solutions,…
And you hand over all challenges that come with integration. Codit takes care of the complexity involved in the implementation of integration flows. And we provide you with an efficient way to follow up your business transactions.

Lower TCO 

On premise versus integration cloud: a realistic estimation of the differences in investments

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What savings could can we realise with Codit Integration Cloud within your company? Contact Sam Vanhoutte to find out. 


Keep in total control of your budget with Codit Managed Services, a one-stop integration competence center

Entering into partnership with Codit Managed Services will also help you to limit the TCO of your integration solution, whether it is on premise or in the cloud. To completely control your budget, we offer full ownership services to fully manage your integration solution day in, day out.
What to expect from Codit Managed Services? 

  • Support, maintenance and management of your integration solution by technology experts
  • Quick realisation of change requests by integration specialists
  • Advanced monitoring services
  • Health check reports and operational audits
  • Up to full hosting services

Find out more about Codit Managed Services or speak to Danny Buysse, who will tell you all about it.


Fully outsourcing your integration solution to Codit and thus opting for "Integration as a Service" makes you get excellent services and maintain full transparency and visibility in your processes. We will make sure you exactly see what you need to see, and hide for you what you don't really need to see, through a clever abstraction of all technical complexity.

What does it mean when you only focus on the actual business aspects of your integration solution and make abstraction of the management, architecture, technical complexity and hosting? What would you see, and what would be doing for you behind the scene:


Relying on integration experts and a highly available and scalable integration runtime will make the Total Cost of Ownership of your integration solutions much lower than any other traditional setup. And you will able to grow with your platform through transparent pricing and a service model, which makes it easy for you to start.

Would you like to know what the impact of Integration as a Service would be for your company or like to get started immediately? Contact Sam Vanhoutte and hear about all the details.