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From IoT to data Intelligence

Internet of Things - IoT

IoT data intelligence to create business value

Seeing opportunities in IoT but finding it hard to define its value for your business? Codit helps you explore new business models, increase business efficiency or optimize your processes with IoT. We get you started quickly, with Codit IoT accelerators and offer you the scalability and flexibility to grow your IoT platform at your own pace.

We help you roll out the IoT project: first connect devices to the cloud, then start gathering and visualizing data, step higher and enrich with data intelligence and ultimately inherit IoT in your processes and operations to create more business value.  

With more than 15 years of pure business integration expertise, Codit significantly adds value to your IoT project. An IoT solution is never to be seen as a stand-alone isle; its value will increase when integrated with your existing applications landscape and processes.


Gain new business insights through real time analytics and machine learning. Gather data from any device in the field and combine it with various data sources to gain insights you thought were never possible before. Build new innovative business models and create new service offerings that make you stand out in your market. 

Customer centricity
Customer centricity is about putting your customer first, and at the core of your business. It is about knowing what your customers want and need to offer products and services around that, understanding how you maximize customer experience and how you keep your customers happy and loyal. IoT helps you to gather and combine the data you need to build up full customer knowledge. 

Guarantee response times and SLA towards customers
IoT enables you to act before the fact and repair before it breaks, all in a cost-efficient way because you can measure and learn when exactly human intervention is truly needed. You can optimize your business workflows and take smarter instant decisions based on real-time data and data intelligence. Predictive maintenance and remote monitoring are at your fingertips with IoT. 

Our IoT offering

From our experience in designing, building and implementing integration solutions, Codit has the expertise to design your IoT architecture from scratch, fully adapted to exactly what your business needs. We help you gain value in each single step of the lifecycle, from prototyping to final design.  

Codit helps you bring your IoT project to live and guides you through the entire process from inception and process to implementation and support. We realize your IoT by designing, building and implementing a future-proof and managed cloud IoT architecture. Via this platform, based on Azure IoT, you connect any device or sensor to the cloud and can start capturing data that brings the real value of IoT. Its value is in the combination of your own data with external sources, the learnings from their analyses and the automation of new processes, even those you never thought were possible. 

We deliver you a flexible and scalable IoT platform and open up your business to endless innovation possibilities. 

A team of experts knows Azure technology and the Azure IoT Suite inside out. We plug and play with what is available and mix and match it to your needs. 

Codit helps you build your IoT project. Discover how we help you get started.

Because the real value of IoT is tangible after data comes together in the cloud, Codit gets you up to speed as fast as possible with:

  • A project methodology that has been proven successful in +200 integration projects. Because IoT and integration have the common ground of connecting things, the methodology to complete an IoT or an integration project with success is based upon similar principles. 
  • Tools and out of the box components that speed up the project, such as Codit IoT Field Gateway to quickly connect any device to the cloud – no matter the protocol; and Integration Cloud to integrate with external data sources. 
  • Technological expertise: Codit experts fully understand Azure and the Azure IoT suite and its accelerating services.
  • Partnership with other IoT enablers such as Sigfox, which allows Codit to quickly set up your IoT solution end-to-end. 

A multilingual team of experts supports, maintains and manages your IoT platform 24/7, remotely monitors your devices and guarantees the continuity of your operations. Guarantees made in your Service Level Agreement will free your own staff to work on profitable, strategic projects and will help you meet your SLAs.

Discover more about Managed Services for Azure IoT

Why work with us?

Codit started in 2000 as integration specialist mainly focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, and has grown to become a one stop Competence Center for services and solutions based on different Microsoft technologies and a trusted partner and advisor in Azure cloud. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, that is all about connecting things to the cloud, diving into IoT was only a logical step for an integration expert team like Codit. We provide you with the experience and the expertise your IoT project needs to be kicked off quickly while keeping future growth and evolutions in mind.

Our promise:

  • Faster time to market by a proven best-practices project methodology and tools that accelerate the development and implementation of your IoT cloud backend.
  • Added value at each step of the project through concrete strategic advice, guidelines, templates, tooling, software solutions and dedicated support services.
  • Business continuity: Codit operates a large Managed Services Center that focuses on managing and supporting Microsoft solutions based on Azure. 
  • Quality: A track record of +200 successful integration projects at international companies in any industry prove our delivery of quality.

What the expert says

With Azure Data Lake Analytics we can combine sensor data with historical pricing or weather data, and maybe even the number of people in the building... We can get much, much more value and much greater insight.

Sam Vanhoutte, CTO, Codit

Internet of Things