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Integration Cloud on Azure

Integration Cloud on Azure

Start your integration in a matter of hours

Integration Cloud is an online integration platform that enables you to connect your applications and business partners in a reliable and transparent cloud environment. The platform helps you to set up connections and integrations quickly and most efficiently and requires no investments in hardware, licenses and installations upfront.


Integration Cloud adapts itself based on your requirements. You can easily manage planned or unplanned peaks and start small to scale-up your environment later on.

You can quickly adapt your infrastructure to changing volumes of loads that need to be processed.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Integration Cloud allows you to limit the Total Cost of Ownership of your integration solution.

Fast time to value
Your integration solution can be set up in a matter of hours, allowing you to connect your integration solution very rapidly and with a minimum of overhead.


Automate and optimize your invoicing process by integrating your applications and business partners in a reliable, transparent cloud-based integration platform. e-Invoicing through Integration Cloud takes away not only your technological concerns, it also relieves you from legal concerns about e-invoicing.

A cloud-based integration solution that offers hybrid connectivity capabilities, such as Integration Cloud, allows you to mix cloud-based integration with connecting on premises applications and software services. It sets up a hybrid integration platform that can easily grow with your business needs and new demands.

Advanced workflow capabilities allow to build advanced workflows that orchestrate distributed processes which can interact with applications, partners and people.

You get a clear overview of your business processes even if you have no technical knowledge. It visualizes a step-by-step chain in which you can see the lifespan of an incoming message, in a single functional view.

Integration Cloud comes with an extensive set of integration patterns which allow you to implement complicated integration scenarios very rapidly. They allow you to have faster, more homogenous and more transparent integration flows which will meet your expectations and demands.

Scenarios for cloud integration

How to connect applications and business partners in a cloud environment? Each individual business will demand for a specific integration cloud scenario. The scenario that best fits your company will depend on your integration environment that is in place today and the mix of your corporate goals and future integration requirements. Codit will advise you what the best integration cloud scenario is for your business.

Typical integration cloud scenarios:

  • Business-to-business
  • Distributed Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Exposing local data
  • Elastic integrations

B2B cloud integration    Distributed EAI    Exposing local data    Elastic integrations

Integration Cloud allows you to set up a hybrid integration infrastructure. It enables you to securely connect to your applications, data or existing middleware through the internet. Built on Microsoft Azure technology, the online platform fully leverages the benefits and capabilities of Azure and cloud technology. Built by integration experts, it brings you years of integration experience "as a service", at your immediate disposal. In any scenario Integration Cloud provides you with a business-oriented and user-friendly platform.

Some clients we helped

We have an on-premises integration solution running on Microsoft BizTalk and this in-house solution had to integrate with Integration Cloud. The implementation of its e-Invoicing functionality all had to be right from the very first moment on; and so it was.

Raj Kant, Information Systems Manager, Zespri

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