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Integration Project Methodology

Integration Project Methodology

Project methodology: the way we work to deliver on time, in budget

Implementing an technology solution is not a challenge. Applying the right methodology during the entire project is. Codit’s best-practice project methodology is developed from a huge amount of experience, a strong knowledge sharing culture and ability to avoid common pitfalls. Methods combine added value achieved from numerous previous projects with expertise in Microsoft technology.

Project approach characteristics

A permanent alignment with your business and all centers of expertise within Codit is key to success.

A scalable and pragmatic approach is lightweight for short-term projects, yet complete and robust for complex and long-term, integration project implementations.

No-nonsense approach emphasizes flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

For seamless integration with your wishes, the approach is modular. You are never required to go for the full package, but can assign certain roles within your company, if preferred.

Plan – Deliver – Operate Model



The most successful methodology for Microsoft integration projects is using a closed-loop approach. It is based upon a recurring lifecycle that identifies three major steps:

  1. Plan your processes
  2. Deliver your processes
  3. Operate your integration solution 

Together, we create a vision. In the planning phase, needs are analyzed versus solutions. The organization, business processes, software architecture, infrastructure and more are mapped out. We carry out an assessment of the goals and needs. The blueprint matches needs in the technical and functional areas. Ultimately, all activities to realize the project effectively will get planned and estimated.

The Deliver step is the key building block to successfully deliver projects on time, according to the specifications and within budget. Specialized technology experts perform at the right time in a project specific processes in accordance with best practices, industry standards and lessons learned.  

Three different phases:

  • Design – we design the solution 
  • Construct – we construct the solution 
  • Validate – we validate the solution 

The project approach itself is based on a set of best practices, industry standards like PRINCE2 and our - more than 14 years - experience with customer projects. We will always find a healthy balance between a process-oriented and pragmatic approach.

Once your solution is build and validated, we roll out the solution. Codit can take responsibility for maintenance and support or transfer the operational knowledge to your internal support team. Always according to standardized processes and best practices, and the agreed upon SLA. Codit Managed Services supports, maintains and adapts your integration platform to ensure the continuity of your business operations day in day out.

Best practices - principles

Codit teams are drilled to know the Codit Project Methodology principles:

  • Maintain a clear focus on the goals of the project, as defined in the business case
  • Organize Project Management geared towards the needs of the project, and focused on proactivity and efficiency
  • Split up the project in manageable parts (stages and work packages) to minimize risks and increase control 
  • Apply a quality management plan (test plan) to ensure that the delivered product meets the predefined requirements
  • Act cost consciously when developing integration solutions
  • Clearly and proactively communicate about the progress of the project, products, deliverables, risks etc.

What the expert says

Defining and implementing a methodology for your projects is your key to success! It guarantees flexibility, so that your organization can roll out new quality integrations on short term.

Serge Verborgh, Country Manager, Codit