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ALM in Azure development

ALM in Azure development

Application Lifecycle Management in Azure development

Built with a mix of favorite tools from vendors and the community, the integrated but highly customizable ALM or Application Lifecycle Management platform helps small, distributed or extended project teams to work streamlined. It enables to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, gain visibility into the software development lifecycle, reduce regression issues, automate testing with the goal to improve and ensure overall software quality. 

Benefits of ALM

What are the benefits of using the Codit Application Lifecycle Management solution?

Streamline development
Rapidly develop solutions that comply with the business requirements is one of today’s most important challenges for IT service providers. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps you to streamline the software development cycle, by reducing associated costs and increasing business agility.

Take challenges the right way
Every phase in the Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle has different actors and a different purpose. Common challenges across the different phases include the traceability of changed requirements during the project; a communication gap between business & IT; quality, reliability and adequate testing, the visibility into project status to drive predictable delivery; near-shore development; or regulatory and industry compliance.

Best practices, processes and tools
During the entire lifecycle of your development projects, ALM provides best practices, processes and tools that increase developer productivity, resource flexibility, project predictability, delivery transparency, team collaboration, software quality and component reusability.


A major requirement is the need for a version control system that supports atomic commits: all of a developer's changes may be seen as a single commit operation. There is no point in trying to build from only half of the changed files

Your integrated development environment is designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing tight-knit components with similar user interface, available in a single program in which all development is done. Tighter integration of all development tasks has the potential to improve overall productivity beyond just helping with setup tasks.

The continuous integration system is a scalable build framework that automatically compiles, tests and deploys code as it changes. It provides instant feedback for developers and allows quick collaboration. Static code analysis and build statistics provide a transparent way of verifying quality at the source. Deployment Plans, defined in Windows Workflow Foundation, are used to deploy your applications in an agile way.

Peer code review is an important aspect of successful agile development. The Codit Project Platform provides easy tools allowing your architects and developers to coach their peers. Email, RSS, and IM notifications relay instant feedback to developers, who never have to leave their IDE to view or act upon any code review.

A SharePoint site lets you create and share pages, documents and rich content within your team, making it a breeze to improve collaboration. It makes sure knowledge does not get lost. The project collaboration site also allows to create project dashboards that make the project status transparent for all stakeholders.

The bug and issue tracking tool lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your ‘issues,’ whatever they may be: from software bugs to detailed work items and change requests. More than just an issue tracker, the system can be customized to match your business’ software development processes.

Codit Project Platform

Numerous integration projects enabled Codit to roll out an integrated ALM platform. Using this Codit Project Platform drastically reduces overhead costs associated with planning, building and operating customer projects.

Codit Integration ALM Platform

What the expert says

Using the Application Lifecycle Management solution of Codit, our development organization has gained tremendous benefits on productivity, transparency and quality.

Serge Verborgh, Country Manager, Codit

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