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API Management

API Management

Embrace the digital economy. Unlock business data to generate new revenue streams.

Is your business becoming more technology-centric because of the opportunities generated by mobile devices and apps? How do you quickly respond to your customer needs and the changing market conditions in a secure and controlled way?

To master the increasing complexity of the digitalization and to become an agile business, organizations need to actively adapt their business models. APIs provide you with the building blocks to turn your business into a flexible integration platform. API Management enables you to build a connected enterprise where data, applications and other assets are securely bridged across the organization's boundaries, allowing you to innovate, create new sources of revenue and drive additional value to all stakeholders. 

“In the age of the customer, every business is a digital business. This means software is central for today’s enterprises, and APIs are central for today’s software” 
- Forrester Research Inc. April 2015


Business Expansion
Expand your business, open for innovation and reach new audiences and markets thanks to API Management. Securely expose your data to partners so they can participate in your value chain and foster innovation. See an API as yet another revenue stream: the notion of API economy becomes very relevant to the business as it provides an opportunity to monetize APIs' usage.

Gain more visibility in your assets and their performance. Align processes, people and tools to maximize business benefits by creating reusable assets and eliminating liabilities. Avoid duplication of investments and developments and reduce costs.

Increase accountability in your organization. Clear ownership of assets enables the communication and cooperation between departments. It allows for better decision making and avoids profitability to reduce.

Enterprise-wide value
API Management helps you think in terms of a strategic solution, rather than projects. You will deliver long-term benefits by adding enterprise-wide value. 

Lifecycle Management of assets
A risky change to an existing asset often appears to be a showstopper for the introduction of innovative solutions. Effective asset management reduces the cost of changes and allows for a quick go-to-market.

Our offering

Codit helps companies in their digital transformation process by designing and implementing the architecture of an API management solution. Hire us for API Management assessments and strategic advice to set up a consistent security approach for the virtualization layer. 

In the “as a Service” model, Codit takes care of the operational management, maintenance and support of the virtualization platform. We take full responsibility for your platform; your IT team finds themselves a partner to rely on.

Learn to configure and manage your virtualization layer in a dedicated training. From API Management architecture to virtualization techniques in the context of business scenarios, taken from real-life projects.

The CoditContentPack for Microsoft Power BI is a set of generic reports to explore APIs operational data. You gain insights to provide an answer to business needs. It is a reliable, secure, and extensible solution that combines the power of Integration Cloud and Microsoft Azure to automate the Gateway-to-Cloud data flow. Included in the Codit “API Management as a service” offering, the CoditContentPack can be extended and personalized according to your needs.

Assess and benchmark customer readiness to embark on an API Management implementation journey. The assessment evaluates key domains such as business, architecture, governance and organization, all important when implementing APIs.

Why work with us?

Codit started in 2000 as integration specialist mainly focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, and has grown to become a one stop Competence Center for services and solutions based on different Microsoft technologies and a trusted partner and advisor in Azure cloud. Since 2012, Codit is one of the major resellers in Europe of Sentinet, the lightweight SOA governance and API Management platform. We provide you with the experience and the expertise your API Management project needs to be kicked off quickly while keeping future growth and evolutions in mind.

Our promise:

  • Faster time to market by a proven best-practices project methodology that accelerates the development and implementation of your API Management solution.
  • Added value at each step of the project through concrete strategic advice, guidelines, templates, tooling, software solutions and dedicated support services. We follow the key principles that count to define the goals of any API Management implementation:
    • Business value: ensure that the project investments yield business value
    • Alignment: keep SOA aligned with the business and architecture, and in compliance with business and IT policies
    • Business agility: gain visibility into your SOA for rapid decision-making
    • Risk reduction: control dependencies, manage the impact of change, and enforce policies
    • Cost savings: promote consolidation, standardization and reuse
  • Business continuity: Codit operates a large Managed Services Center that manages and supports your API Management solutions based on Microsoft Azure API or Sentinet.
  • Quality: A track record of successful integration projects at international companies in any industry prove our delivery of quality.

Some clients we helped

The implementation of Sentinet was such a success that we decided to double the footprints of our Sentinet nodes and will continue to leverage on all the advantages of integrating all our backends.

Olivier Plaitin, Head of IT, Brussels Airlines

API Management