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Application Integration

Application Integration

Integrate your systems and business partners

We believe technology never is a goal, but a means to gain competitive advantage through agility. We help you connect your applications and partners and automate your data exchange, to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and enhance control. Integration helps you maximize the full potential of your line of business applications and beyond.

Codit has been specializing exclusively in the integration business since 2000 and has grown to become your one stop Integration Competence Center, your trusted advisor with the required expertise and experience. We provide the best technical and functional expertise to elevate your business using different Microsoft technologies.

If you need a single point of responsibility for your integration needs, you rely on a team of +70 integration experts that know your integration challenges inside out.

Benefits of Integration

Business agility
Smart business integration makes your organization super agile. Adapt your business processes whenever required, and set up new connections with new business partners or subsidiaries in no time. Easily expand IT facilities to adapt to new evolutions or trends and timely respond to the growing expectations of your business and customers. Simply said, integration raises your ability to stay ahead of competition. 

Business efficiency

  • Improve the collaboration between departments or distributed subsidiaries and with customers, suppliers and business partners. 
  • By automating business processes to increase overall productivity, you allocate human and financial resources more efficiently.
  • Your team will truly focus on your core business and not on technology.

Operational visibility and control
Integration provides full transparency in your business processes and operations. Keep the finger on the pulse of what goes good and what goes wrong. 

Business continuity
Having a single view on all integrated systems allows to resolve incidents smarter and faster. Your business continuity is never at stake.

Data Exchange continuity
An agile integration solution allows access to all the information collected by business apps, eliminating data processing and retrieval tasks. Plural data entry becomes redundant, minimizing those purely contra-productive data errors. The less routine tasks, the happier your teams will be.  

Fast ROI

  • Reduce IT maintenance costs by avoiding complex and inefficient point-to-point connections.
  • Through integration, leverage and maximize the full potential and functionality of all applications - cloud-based or on premises - that are in place or have been newly added to the landscape.
  • Integration is an investment that pays off with a fast return. 

How can we help you?

Hire consultancy expertise whenever you need it. Codit jumps in at any stage or guides you throughout the entire lifecycle of an integration project, from design through implementation, installation and deployment, up to the operational management of the solution. Experts step in at any step of your project lifecycle. 

Codit provides business integration services and software solutions to automate business processes and help increase organizational efficiency.  

  • Framework
    Proven enterprise components containing typical technical design patterns for the implementation of integration projects. Read more
  • Dashboard
    An off-the-shelf solution that allows functional and technical key users to monitor integration platforms and better control business processes and operations. Discover more
  • Integration Cloud
    One of the first Azure-based online integration platforms that enables you to connect applications and business partners in a reliable and transparent cloud environment. Explore more  

For support, maintenance and management of your integration solution, rely on the highest level of expertise of our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, without having to invest in recruitment, skill development or training programs. Guarantees made in your Service Level Agreement will free your own staff to continue to work on profitable, strategic projects.

Find out more about our Managed Services Team

Why work with us?

Codit started in 2000 as integration specialist mainly focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, and has grown to become your one stop Integration Competence Center. We provide the best technical and functional expertise to elevate your business using different Microsoft technologies (Azure, Azure Platform Services, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, …).

Our promise:

  • Faster time to market by a proven best-practices project methodology and tools that accelerate the development and implementation of your integration solution.
  • Added value at each step of the integration project through concrete strategic advice, guidelines, templates, tooling, software solutions and dedicated support services.
  • Business continuity: Codit operates the largest Managed Services Center in Europe that focuses on managing and supporting Microsoft integration solutions.
  • Quality: A track record of +200 successful integration projects at international companies in any industry prove our delivery of quality.

Some clients we helped

Integration means we can make maximum use of all systems, and API Management allows us to use various pieces of functionality in a controlled and secure way. This deeply embedded integration is central to our digital transformation.

Simon Lamkin, CIO, Brussels Airlines