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BizTalk Managed Services 2016

Temporary BizTalk Managed Services

Opt now for temporary BizTalk Managed Services during the holidays and get a free Health Check Report upon your return.

With the summer breaks on the horizon, have you considered how to guarantee the continuity of your BizTalk integration environment without limiting your team to take some time off? 

It is not too late yet to get prepared for a totally untroubled holiday period. With Codit Managed Services, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hire us for at least one month and get a free Health Check Report upon your return. By the way, we'll bring you a cool deckchair to sit back and relax. 

How can the BizTalk Managed Services team help you?

While you or your colleagues are having a break, a team of dedicated BizTalk engineers will be available to support, maintain and adapt your integration solution to ensure the continuity of your business operations day in day out.

  • Your team members that are in the office, will have the time to focus on added value projects.
  • Our team of certified BizTalk engineers is trained to quickly understand your business processes and needs.
  • Our experts will speed up the resolution of incidents, according to the desired SLA.
  • We are located in Ghent, Belgium and are used to serve customers worldwide.

Free Health Check Report

Contact us via Codit Managed Services during your break and get a free Health Check Report upon your return. This Health Check is a transparency measure that can be perceived as the “black box” of your IT landscape.

What is included in the Health Check Report?

  • Verification of the BizTalk and project databases
  • Verification of the platform jobs
  • Verification of the load on the environment
  • Analysis of all parameters internally with a Codit architect
  • Verification of the connections with all external systems 

Some clients we helped

We found that Codit is big enough to provide Stora Enso with the service it needs. We are a company that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; we need guarantees.  

Chris De Hollander, CEO, Stora Enso