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BizTalk Training

BizTalk training

Based on real-life project experience

How can you implement, support, manage and adapt your Microsoft integration solution? One important aspect to success is providing the necessary know-how by means of contextual BizTalk training for your internal development team.


Codit provides BizTalk training which can be tailored to your needs, your business language and your context. On-site or in the Codit offices.

As Codit is first and foremost a solutions/service specialist in integration and not merely a training company, we provide you real-world, hands-on training, preferably with your project examples. 

These trainings provide you with complete analysis on what integration is all about and how can you implement it in your organization.

Types of training

The BizTalk Introduction training offers you a three day course with demos and hands-on labs, in order to get insight into the basic principles of Microsoft BizTalk Server. This training is developer oriented.

BizTalk Deep Dive training is an advanced BizTalk training provided by experienced BizTalk architects. It goes deep into the technical aspects of BizTalk development covering advanced EAI, B2B and SOA topics. Students may expect to have a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of BizTalk after having completed the course.

This two day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, monitor and maintain a computer running Microsoft BizTalk Server. The course also shows you how to deploy and manage BizTalk applications in a production environment.

Need a customized training package? No problem. You can select the training topics you need to come to a tailor-made program.

One day XSLT training provides the basic and more advanced topics of XSLT. It targets a technical audience, with some working knowledge of XML.

Some clients we trained

  • AG Insurance: BizTalk Deep Dive

  • FedGov Internal Affairs: BizTalk Introduction

  • DTEK: BizTalk Deep Dive

  • Real Dolmen: BizTalk Operations

  • Picanol: BizTalk Deep Dive

  • ...and many more: ask us!


Sharon Verryckt, BizTalk Developer at Picanol, said:

"This is a theoretical and hands-on training: ideal for a starter and professional!"

Some clients we helped

When we recruit a new member of staff, it has become standard procedure to send the newby to Codit for 4 days of BizTalk training.

Steven Van Meirhaeghe, I&O Middleware Technical Analyst, AG Insurance