Connected car

Codit's connected car

participated in The Barrel Challenge

Over six days, Codit employees Michel Pauwels, Jef Cools, and Robert Maes took part in a 3,500-kilometer relay tour with one 30-year-old car connected to the cloud.

Classic cars are valued for many reasons, but their ability to navigate through remote, snow-packed mountain roads is not usually one of them. After all, they lack many of the advanced sensors that can be found in most modern cars, such as those that can track GPS coordinates, measure environmental data, and more.

So what happens when you participate in the Barrel Challenge whose one requirement is to use a car built before the year 2000?
For us the answer was simple: Connect the car to the cloud.

Read the full article on the official Microsoft blog.

Before - After Ford Escort

Nebulus connected 

We wouldn't be Codit if we didn't equip the car with various sensors and connect these to our Nebulus IoT Gateway. During the Challenge you could follow our Barrel team and witness how we can connect any device, sensor or thing to the cloud instantly - no matter its age or location - without any concessions on security, performance or flexibility. Because we believe that ‘Connecting is Everything’.

The installed sensors in the classic Ford Escort car collected data on noise, temperature, speed, humidity and location.Nebulus -logo _positive _grey _green

Want to know the techie details? Read our blog post and discover how we connected the car.

Check out the aftermovie

Hear how they connected the car

Thanks to the sensors and Nebulus IoT Gateway implemented in our Barrel, all data is easy visible in real-time in the Azure cloud.

Robert Maes, Architect, Codit