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Integration Cloud for IoT

Integration Cloud for IoT

Integrate data from everywhere and build intelligence for your devices

Integration Cloud is an online integration platform that enables you to connect your applications and business partners in a reliable and transparent cloud environment. The platform helps you to set up connections and integrations quickly and most efficiently and requires no investments in hardware, licenses and installations upfront.


Enrich your IoT solution with external information
Calendars, market prices, weather information, customer information, production planning… All these things can get integrated in order to make intelligent decisions and analytics.

Fast time to market
With the out-of-the-box connectors, visual tracking and easy deployment, it becomes very easy to set up well defined and stable integrations.

Managed for you
When using Integration Cloud as part of your IoT solution, you know that the platform is monitored and managed by our skilled team of managed services professionals.

An integrated part of your solution
Integration Cloud will be an integrated part of the IoT solution.

IoT connectivity
Integration Cloud has support for many different Azure and IoT protocols.  AMQP, MQTT, IoT Field Gateway, HTTP, Data Lake, Table Storage, Event Hubs…

Integrate and alert
Every decision or alert can be integrated through Integration Cloud in order to keep track of all connections and maintain a full history.


Integration Cloud offers a wide set of application and protocol connectivity:

  • When we expose an endpoint over a web service, so that other applications can send to this endpoint, we leverage Windows Identity Foundation to secure these connections.
  • When integrating to local systems (databases, file system, web services…) that are not connected over a virtual network with our cloud runtime, we use the Cloud Connector, lightweight local installation that can connect to local systems, using a set of (pluggable) adapters.
  • It is possible to connect Integration Cloud in a virtual network with other servers (either locally or in the cloud). This can be achieved through Microsoft Azure Virtual Networking.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database provides a relational database service for Microsoft Azure and other Internet-based applications. The SQL Database firewall prevents all access to your SQL Database server until you specify which computers have permission.

A cloud-based integration solution that offers hybrid connectivity capabilities, such as Integration Cloud, allows you to mix cloud-based integration with connecting on premises applications and software services in a secured and monitored way. It sets up a hybrid integration platform that can easily grow with your business needs and new demands.

The real value of IoT and cloud solutions is tangible after data comes together in the cloud. With Integration Cloud, at the heart of your IoT solution, connectivity with external data sources is easily set up. Integrate your machine or device telemetry data with other types of data (weather information, market prices, calendar information, etc) like never before. 

Codit helps you to get as much as possible insights and visualization to build new innovative business models. With Integration Cloud, you gain detailed insights in the status of connections, the related data and you can take corrective actions in case of errors.


In our track & trace module, the entire data flow is visualized and can be used to drill down through the details of the various data flows. This allows users to troubleshoot and analyze the various data integrations.

Real life examples

Use machine learning to optimize your solar energy installation (predictive maintenance)

IC_Hero _blauw _B2B_Solar Panels

  • Panels send data to the event hub every minute
  • Azure Stream Analytics aggregates data and sends them to Integration Cloud
  • Daily reports about solar energy generation
  • Problem monitoring, detection of data anomalies
  • Alerts are being implemented on Integration cloud

How speed control over distance works (real-time decision making)

IC_Hero _blauw _B2B_Traffic Control

  • Smart cameras take pictures and recognize number plates
  • The number plate and time registration data are sent to the event hub
  • Stream Analytics combines events and calculates speed from point A to B
  • In case of speeding, Integration Cloud receives the data to retrieve the driver information from Government services. It combines all data to create a fine (in PDF format)
  • Fine communication
    • SMS warning to the driver
    • Electronic or postal delivery of the fine
  • Fine archived in SFTP server

Some clients we helped

I feel very fortunate since I know that experts will, while we are using this solution, continue to improve the platform, its technology and capabilities.

Panayiotis Alexandrou, IT Manager, SMT Shipping

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