Modern Platforms

Modern Platforms

Build the future of your company on a flexible platform

designed and run by Codit 

Microsoft Azure, a Modern Platform for Your Future

Agility is everything. You have to quickly invent, develop and deploy new ideas so that your business can keep up with customer demands, market disruption, and fierce competition. Codit can help you stay ahead by giving you the tools to efficiently explore new business models, build new applications and make them mobile or integrate them with your partners’ apps.

Codit does this by designing, building and running Modern Platforms in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for you as a Service. Azure is an agile, scalable platform on which you can quickly develop and deploy new apps,  while giving you the freedom to explore and experiment without financial risks. Your new apps come with built-in security and are continuously monitored by Codit Managed Services and managed by Microsoft experts.

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Benefits Modern Platform

Customer Stories on #ModernPlatforms 

Swiss Re Developed a Fully Automated Micro-Insurance Platform to Drive New Business

Swiss Re, a leading provider of reinsurance and wholesale insurance, was looking for ways to diversify its offerings. Check out the video testimonial to learn how passengers can now get instant pay-outs from their travel insurance thanks to Modern Platforms.

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Soudal Digitally Transforms its Order System

Soudal Ref Case

An efficient sales team is key for a winning organization. That’s why Soudal, the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams, fully digitalized its order system with a sophisticated mobile application. Data from different systems, including Microsoft Azure, BizTalk and Soudal’s own SAP environment, seamlessly connects for a smooth order process.

Codit’s expertise is boosting Soudal’s digital transformation.

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Data Utility Platform Opens the Way to Automated Data Sharing and Profitable API Monetization for Port of Antwerp Transit Partners

Nxt Port Ref Case

Answering the Port of Antwerp community’s call for enhanced information exchange across its transport logistical chain, data integration startup NxtPort creates opportunities to better optimize transport logistics for more efficient processes and potential channels for additional profits.

The solution combines flexible Microsoft Azure services with a robust API layer and governance tool into a foundation on which transportation players can build their own applications, enabling them to share and consume data tailored to their individual needs, while keeping full ownership and control of their data.

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Why Microsoft Azure?

  1. It is the only truly consistent hybrid cloud
    With Azure, you can easily connect applications and data in the cloud and on-premise with a seamless user-experience.

  2. Azure is a cloud that you can trust
    Ninety percent of fortune 500 companies use the Azure Cloud.It is secure and transparent, and it encompasses a global network of Microsoft datacenters.

  3. A perfect match for data-driven, intelligent apps
    With Azure data services and Artificial Intelligence, you can create new experiences that leverage deep learning, HPC-simulations or real-time analysis.

  4. Openness and integration
    Azure supports a very broad range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks and databases, to ensure optimal integration. Also with Open Source.

What the customer says

Codit knows its way through Azure like no other. They invest continually in building expertise on the Microsoft technology stack and could therefore guarantee the realization of a perfectly operational service within time and budget.

Jürg Staub, Head of Technical Architecture for Property and Casualty, Swiss Re