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Sigfox IoT platform

Sigfox Azure IoT Platform

up and running in only 15 minutes

Codit worked out an IoT platform that allows you to let your customers kickstart with the Internet of Things in only 15 minutes. The platform is a user-friendly, scenario driven and data centric extension of the Sigfox portal which is device- and connectivity centric.

Data from Sigfox enabled objects travels through the Sigfox network and is monitored in the Sigfox Cloud portal. By using the Sigfox SDK, the data is translated into usable information for the Azure IoT platform. In conjunction with Microsoft Power BI, dashboard functionality is available.

In short, this Sigfox Azure IoT Platform is the ideal tool to get your customers Sigfox / IoT ready in no time.  

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Advantages for you as a Sigfox Operator (SO)

Time to market
The platform is the ideal toolbox for making many of your customer’s IoT scenarios tangible in no time at all.

Low cost and extra revenue
The cost to get your customers started with the platform is very low. For you as a SO, the platform can be an alternative revenue stream.

Multiple use cases
The platform can be positioned to your customers either as a demo, a POC-Pilot setup or as a mature IoT solution. The multi-tenant architecture allows you to engage a large number of customers without extra deployment or installation activities.

Extendable and reusable
The platform can be easily extended in terms of more scenarios, more tokens, more devices, extra tenants… Once a device’s payload parsing has been added to the platform, it can be reused for other customers and even other SO’s.

Easy to deploy and fully managed
Your customers do not need to carry out any infrastructure or application deployment. The system runs completely on Azure in the cloud. Besides that, Codit can provide 24/7 managed services for the platform. 

Technical & functional specifications

The Codit Azure IoT platform built in collaboration with Engie M2M, Sigfox Operator in Belgium, and Microsoft:

  • allows you to automatically provision a set of Sigfox enabled devices and sensors.
  • comes with a large number of device models schemas including their payload parsings, which can be reused.
  • provides a direct connection with the Sigfox administrator portal.
  • enables the creation of an IoT scenario that makes use of different telemetry components. The platform allows you to use predefined IoT scenarios or create new scenarios quickly and easily.
  • works as a toolbox of telemetry components which can be linked to the different IoT scenarios your customer wants to establish.
  • visualizes the incoming data in pre-configured Power BI dashboards. Customer can also create extra dashboards in Microsoft Power BI.
  • stores all data in easy accessible and readable Azure storage services, so it can be addressed for more extensive analytics, machine learning or other big data initiatives.
  • integrates with other application datasets to perform more extensive analysis.
  • notifies or alerts you based on the parameters set in the notification engine.
  • integrates with Active Directory. 
  • The system administrator makes calls to the backend API through the backend portal. This API exposes operations to manage administrative objects (tenants, device types, telemetry components, etc.) in the M2Ms IoT platform. 
  • Tenant users will access the IoT platform via the tenant portal. This portal makes it possible to deploy new scenarios and access a basic dashboard per telemetry component type.
  • Sigfox will deliver telemetry messages to the IoT platform. An intermediate ingestion API is introduced to be able to automate the creation of a callback on a device type in Sigfox. The ingestion API will accept messages from Sigfox and deliver them to the IoT Hub.

Technical SetUp Sigfox Platform

Setup and pricing

The platform can either run on your own subscription, or on a dedicated subscription owned by the customer. As the platform is set up multi-tenant, you can set up all customers on the same platform in a secure and performant manner.

In close collaboration with Engie M2M

A single scalable platform enabling Sigfox devices provisioning, data collection, alerts/action triggering and reporting. All this at low cost. This was our objective, and thanks to Codit, it is now a reality. By running on Azure, the platform is scalable on demand, allowing it to grow with our business.

Eric Wilmot, CIO, Engie M2M

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