Upgrade to BizTalk 2016

Upgrade to BizTalk 2016

And enjoy an assessment and 6 months monitoring for free*!

Have you already determined whether an upgrade to the new BizTalk Server 2016 makes sense for you? And if so, have you decided how to approach this upgrade? We understand these questions might seem difficult, but Codit is here to make this the easiest decision and upgrade yet!

Codit is offering a free BizTalk assessment to help you determine how your organization can benefit from an upgrade & 6 months of free monitoring with AIMS for BizTalk

*Conditions apply

Upgrading to BizTalk Server 2016 offers you:

  • Exciting new features that bridge the gap between on-premises and the cloud. Get the flexibility and control you need for your business to expand and develop its integration platform for years to come
  • A mature hybrid integration platform: connect cloud native and custom applications through Logic Apps in Azure
  • High Availability & SQL Always On: make your BizTalk environment high available both on-premises and in the cloud
  • A future-proof integration platform: by upgrading to BizTalk 2016 you can seamlessly integrate with recent releases of other (Microsoft) products and your services
  • Mainstream support: If you are currently running BizTalk 2010 or an earlier version, it is important to know that mainstream support on these products ended over a year ago. Even if you’re already on BizTalk 2013 (R2) you only have a little over a year before mainstream support ends (July 2018), which makes it important to start planning for your upgrade today


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Now for a limited period: a free double offer with each BizTalk 2016 upgrade!

Codit has been performing assessments for many years. A long list of customers has already benefitted from this thorough analysis of their integration platform, allowing them to implement necessary and often critical improvements while upgrading. Now for a limited time, you have the chance to benefit from this assessment for free!

  • The assessment will provide you with:
    • all the information you need to decide how to upgrade your BizTalk environment to be ready for the cloud and in line with Microsoft best practices, and what the urgency is for your specific situation
    • a summary of your upgrade options and the best-fit migration scenario that fits your requirements
  • The objective of this assessment is not only to identify areas for improvement but, more importantly, also provide information on how BizTalk can be applied more efficiently and with reduced risk. The assessment addresses the following topics:
    • Availability and reliability
    • Architecture
    • Monitoring
    • Error handling
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Organizational aspects
    • The presence of procedures
  • The assessment is an extensive study that focuses on all aspects of a BizTalk integration resulting in a comprehensive report of approximately 40 pages. By means of color-coding you get a clear picture of the critical points and where the need for change is greatest. The report will explain in detail why and how each item is checked, its importance, and the measures to be taken to address specific issues. The document can then serve as a roadmap to improvement.

If you decide to upgrade to BizTalk 2016 with Codit, you will also enjoy 6 months of free monitoring with AIMS for BizTalk. AIMS for BizTalk offers you:

  • Pre-migration: an accurate map of how your BizTalk works and visualize each business process.
  • Post-migration: new data accumulation for a post-upgrade health check report. 

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The Codit BizTalk assessment allowed us to gain a thorough insight in our integration platform and implement several valuable improvements.

Raymond Aerts, Project Manager, DELA