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An Internship Experience at Codit Belgium

A Challenging and Satisfying Journey of Technical Support, Office Atmosphere, and Flexibility

Hi, my name is Laurent Aerens and I completed an internship at Codit Belgium between February and June 2022. In this post, I will share my experience and explain why it was a great opportunity for me.

Application Process

Like any other internship, there was an application process. However, Codit stood out from the other companies I applied to by responding promptly and providing a clear explanation of their expectations and the details of the internship assignment. The administrative procedures were also quick and easy.

First days

Despite starting my internship at the end of the Covid pandemic, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. They provided me with all the necessary resources, such as a decent laptop and a company e-mail, and invited me to various work and non-work-related events.


My internship project involved researching the integration of Logic Apps on an Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes Cluster, which was still in the preview phase. My role was to gather more information on its current state and identify any issues to be resolved before implementing it into a sales demo. Although it was a challenging and highly technical topic, I found it very engaging and satisfying. Despite facing some technical difficulties, I was thrilled to be working on something useful and interesting.

Technical support

Throughout my internship, my colleagues were extremely supportive and willing to offer guidance whenever I had questions or concerns. My internship mentor, Michel, was always available, and I had access to many other experts in the company. In cases where there were points of uncertainty, the lead architect of Belgium, Massimo, took time out of his busy schedule to assist me.

Office Atmosphere

I worked in the Codit Ghent office, which had a great atmosphere. The office is equipped with a darts machine and we often played games during lunch breaks. I had the option to bring my own food or visit one of the nearby restaurants and sandwich shops. On my first day, we even went out to get fries. There were also coffee machines, free snacks, sodas, and fresh fruit and soup every day. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for a student.

Trust and Flexibility

Codit provided a flexible system for internships, which allowed me to take a half-week of vacation during spring break and only one mandatory week during Easter. This enabled me to finish earlier than other students and gave me more time to focus on my thesis. Additionally, I had the option to work from home or in the office.

At the end of my six-month internship, Codit offered me a full-time job, and I eagerly accepted. It has been six months since I started, and I am grateful for all the opportunities that this internship has offered me!

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