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Tom Kerkhove in World-First GitHub Stars Program!

Exciting news, Tom Kerkhove has been hand-selected by GitHub to a part of their world-first GitHub Stars program! Congratulations Tom!

4 Sep 2020

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Meet Paul Warwick - Azure Consultant at Codit UK

This week we’re highlighting one of our colleagues in the U.K, Paul Warwick. Paul has a solid background in technology and made the move to Azure and Codit. Discover how he achieves work-life balance, with time for his family and hobbies, with Codit.

1 Sep 2020

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Life at Codit Malta - One Year Later

Last year we interview Alikan when he first started at Codit. Let's find out how he is going one year later.

3 Aug 2020

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Beginning Your Career? Codit has a Place for You

The search for a new job is always exciting – the search for your first job is even more exciting! A year and a half ago our colleague Bram Takken started with Codit as a Junior. Find out what it was like in this post.

23 Jul 2020

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Day in a life of Coditer Perrine de Brabant

Perrine has been with Codit since September 2019 and works in the IoT/AI domain. Find out about her job and what it’s like to work for Codit.

22 Jul 2020

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Codit Helps Socially Isolated People Covid-19 Crisis Hackathon

Last weekend some of our dedicated team volunteered to use their coding skills to help isolated elderly people in a Covid-19 crisis hackathon.

3 Apr 2020
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