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Control your Azure costs through budget alerts

Keeping the cost of your Azure infrastructure under control, is a vital need during every organization's cloud journey

13 Déc 2019

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Ignite Session: Monoliths vs Microservices - Why they both have a place in your platform journey

Discover insights for building the right platform for your app-needs in this overview

8 Nov 2019

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Inside Microsoft Ignite: Update 2 Highlights

Throughout the week, Tom Kerkhove is sharing his takeaways from Microsoft Ignite keynote sessions, technical trainings, and collaborations with other developers, IT Pro’s and data professionals. Here are his highlights of day 2 and 3.

7 Nov 2019

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Inside Microsoft Ignite: Kick-off Highlights

After just one day Microsoft Ignite is already sparking major interest for Microsoft Azure & Hybrid technologies. Tom Kerkhove, Codit Technical Architect / Microsoft Azure Advisor and MVP, gives you the inside scoop on this year’s hot announcements from the architect’s perspective. Read his first-hand insights on the kick-off sessions.

5 Nov 2019

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Running Azure API Management anywhere with Azure Arc for API Management

At Ignite, Microsoft publicly announced the public preview of Azure Arc for API Management which allows you to run a self-hosted API gateway, manageable from Azure. Here are our findings!

5 Nov 2019