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The Rise of AIOps and What They Can Offer

As a Managed Service Provider, we rely on ITSM tools to help us monitor and operate the environments we support. Monitoring and alerting are some of the input flows for those systems. In this blog post, we take a look at how these AIOps tools could help organizations to change their way of working for the better.

With the rise of the cloud, we have seen an increase in the metrics and data available to give us insights into our environments. This information can be used to investigate and repair issues, but also prevent them altogether.

The amount of information available and the complexity of the environment makes monitoring on static rules and manually digging through the information no longer feasible. The application of AI and related technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing can help IT Ops and DevOps teams to detect service issues earlier and resolve them faster, reducing the impact on the customer.

AIOps tools can be applied on:

  • The Platform Data

This is in increasingly complex environments, where the growing amount of data AI can help to detect issues earlier and increase service levels. The technology can make sense of the complexity and provide context when troubleshooting issues, finding correlations that can’t be easily seen and removing the noise of data not relevant to the problem. To do this, different systems of learning can be used, combining historical pattern matching and real-time identification. In some cases, AIOps can be used to initiate the remediation of service issues, in order to reduce impact.

  • Incoming alerts and requests

Codit monitors many environments, generating alerts of differing urgency. Although we do not yet use AIOps within our environments, a correlation between alerts, within and between these environments can help to resolve similar issues and initiate problem management. Finding patterns in service impact information allows you to recognize and predict the impact and urgency of issues, whilst correlation of incidents means knowledge can be reused.


AIOps pose a different way of working, but it is important to remember that they aren’t replacing service engineers. It works together with and augments human capabilities and other tools for DevOps, SRE & IT Ops Teams, allowing the team to focus on what’s important and bringing value to the customer.


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