digital transformation

Revolutionize your back-end systems by harnessing the powers of integration. With our unrivaled expertise, Codit is the ideal partner for your digital transformation.

HomeFashion Group

Homefashion Group Gets Dressed for a Successful Digital Future


Be on the cutting-edge of tech solutions with IoT. Explore options with Codit and we’ll guide you from idealization to realization of your IoT projects.


Plant-e: from Plant to Power - Gaining Insights through IoT

business agility

Get that extra edge over competitors by being the first with innovative product offerings and new ways to leverage your internal tech systems.

Belgian Mobile ID

It's all about scalability: itsme® app moves business to the next level with a transition to the cloud

cloud architecture

Future-proof your business by channeling the power of the cloud. Whether you’re looking for a 100% cloud or a hybrid solution, Codit has you covered.

Swiss Re

Swiss Re leverages Cloud Technology and Data Services for its Digital Risk Intelligence Solutions

monitoring and support

Codit Managed Services keep your systems up-to-date and running, while you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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ways to connect apps

Harness the powers of APIs and leverage your data by connecting your systems with mobile apps. Codit can help you take your business to next level with APIs.


Creating New Revenue Streams in Logistics by Connecting Data

We design, build and run data-driven solutions using Microsoft Azure.

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