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Durable Testing with Simple Test Hacks, Inspired by the Functional Paradigm

Testing and production code should have the same level of maintainability. They are both subject to change and both need constant refactoring. This post goes over a 'test hack' that has grown from the functional programming paradigm.

24 nov 2022

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Codit Joins Microsoft on the IoT Show!

Codit's Christoph Zingg and Andrej Burger joined Microsoft's Olivier Bloch to talk about and demo Codit’s end-to-end anomaly detection solution for Industrial applications, Microsoft Anode.

18 nov 2022

alle Technical posts

Arcus Templates v1.0: A Major Release with Major Features

Arcus Templates has been around for a while now and was previously published with version number 0.x.x. Since we have created multiple projects using these templates, we feel Arcus Templates is now mature enough to be released as a production-ready v1 release. Come and see for yourself in this run-down post of the release highlights.

17 nov 2022

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament Predictions

In this blog post, we'll take a look at how we built upon our UEFA Euro 2020 football championship prediction application and created another game for the FIFA 2022 World Cup championship. Man and machine will again go head-to-head, to see who is better in predicting the outcome of football games!

15 nov 2022

alle Technical posts

5 Key Reasons to Containerize Your Applications

Containerization is becoming more and more important for those working in the cloud. Many of us are familiar with zip deployments for applications, but what is the added value in moving towards a containerized way of working? We'll cover this in today's blog.

10 nov 2022

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Your Guide to Future-Proofing your BizTalk Integration Solution

Download the whitepaper to plan your journey from BizTalk to AIS.

4 nov 2022
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