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Codit and T-Mining Team Up for the ChainPORT Hackathon 2018

Together with T-Mining we explored how IoT and Blockchain can combat cocaine smuggling in the maritime industry.

18 okt 2018

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Autoscaling Applications on Kubernetes - A Primer

Kubernetes provides different capabilities in terms of scalability. This primer is the first part of a series that introduces you to concepts and how to scale your cluster and applications.

11 okt 2018

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Automatically Emit Azure IoT Hub Events to Azure Event Grid via ARM

Azure IoT Hub integrates with Azure Event Grid seamlessly, but how do you enable this via Azure Resource Manager? Let's have a look.

9 okt 2018

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Azure Data Explorer and Industrial IoT

Discover our experiences working with Azure Data Explorer in the context of a large-scale Industrial IoT project.

24 sep 2018

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Property-Based Security Testing in F#

This post will combine the property-based testing approach with security testing — bringing developers and security closer to each other.

3 sep 2018

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Using Liquid Templates in Azure API Management

Recently, I had the chance to apply Liquid templates within Azure API Management policies. I stumbled upon some caveats, that I want to share with you.

13 aug 2018
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