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It's Not What You Say - It's How You Say It, and Other F# Style Conventions

Code style is maybe one of the most subjective topics in software development, and there can be hard-fought discussions over it. In this post, I'll go over some of my own metaphors for writing F# code

11 aug 2022


Considering Data as a Product in its Own Right

Although data is a key resource of the digital economy, it is not always easy to make the most of. To take advantage of it, organizations must better understand it by adopting management models that guarantee its quality, relevance and proper use in full compliance.

4 aug 2022

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Meet Ruud Wichers Schreur, a Consultant at Codit Netherlands

Curious to know how you can kickstart your career in IT? This was the position Ruud Wichers Schreur found himself in as he accepted a traineeship at Codit. Read on to hear about his experience

1 aug 2022


How to Install and Use an Azure Connected Registry

In 2021, Microsoft released a feature of Azure Container Registry called 'connected registry' in public preview. A connected registry allows you to install a container registry on-prem, which synchronizes or mirrors an Azure Container Registry in the cloud. This allows you to have your container images nearby, which is beneficial in scenarios where you have an occasional or limited connection with the cloud. When you need to pull a container image, the image doesn't need to be pulled from Azure but is already present where you need it. In this blog post, I'll dive a bit deeper into the technicalities of how to deploy a connected registry.

28 jul 2022

alle Technical posts

An F# Primitive Giraffe Wearing Lenses: A Ports and Adapters Story

Unlike object-oriented dependency, injections are functional programs usually structured in ports and adapters. In this post, I'll show you how to do this with a simple primitive giraffe, wearing lenses.

21 jul 2022


Takeaways from the Data & AI Summit 2022 by Databricks

Last week, Databricks held the latest version of their Data & AI summit, bringing us the latest news in the world of data and AI. Here are some interesting points to remember when implementing a data solution.

14 jul 2022
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