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Advanced and Realistic Domain Model Validation Building Blocks in F# FPrimitive with C# Interop

Model validation is a big and important topic. Lots of application security issues are related to input validation. See how FPrimitive transcends simple validations and can be used in more advanced scenarios.

2 dec 2021

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Querying a Data Lake Using Azure Synapse

When we want to collect and analyze device-telemetry information, we typically look at solutions such as Azure Timeseries Insights, Azure Data Explorer and InfluxDb. But what if you don't actually need all the functionality that those services provide? What if you just want to be able to query the telemetry data and visualize that data in a PowerBI report? One alternative that can be a little cheaper, Azure Synapse, makes this possible using serverless SQL pools.

25 nov 2021

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Microsoft Announces Datacenter Region in Brussels

The Datacenter is part of a wider plan to accelerate the digitalization of Belgium, and will benefit Codit’s customers in many ways.

23 nov 2021

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How to Achieve True End-to-End IoT Security with Azure

Internet of Things or IoT refers to a collection of managed and platform services across Edge and cloud that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. It also includes security and operating systems for devices and equipment, along with data and analytics that help businesses to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications. Automated cars, coffee machines, smart lights, and Smartwatches, — the world is full of IoT devices. These devices are running on advanced communication platforms and cloud computing solutions that enable seamless integration of devices, applications, services, networks, and gateways. The complexity, however, also raises the risk of security challenges.

18 nov 2021

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How ACR's Connected Registry Feature Helps to Connect Vessels

Euronav is the largest independent crude oil tanker company in the world and some time ago, they asked Codit to partner up in building a solution that could help them optimize their fuel consumption. Codit then helped them to build an application that runs both in the cloud and on the vessel.

4 nov 2021

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Self-Contained Integration Tests Practices and Strategies

There's no need to stress the importance of integration tests. These tests verify that the interaction between systems, the influence of an environment on a system, and the combination of functionality work together. Tests in general are sometimes forgotten or not considered important. This post will show you how integration tests can be both fun to write and easy to develop, and ensure the integration of your current/next project is fully tested.

21 okt 2021
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