Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

An IoT gateway sits at the intersection of edge systems - devices, controllers and sensors - and the cloud. It captures, aggregates and secures datatransfers data to the cloud . Are you ready to act upon intelligent data and drive value from IoT? Get started quickly with Nebulus™ IoT Gateway.

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Internet of Things is changing the game for many industries. But how to connect and control your things?

Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is your device connector, data aggregator and gateway control portal all-in-one. It gets you started with IoT quickly without giving in on security, performance and flexibility.

Starting with IoT or Industry 4.0

While Internet of Things enabled devices capture lots of data, many devices have specific capabilities, protocols and security policies. Yet not all devices are internet capable or have security or authentication built in.

And what about Industry 4.0? How do you turn your factory into a smart factory?

We made it easy with Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is a software-based IoT solution that provides all required functionality to cope with connectivity issues, cloud-based configuration management and security challenges when it comes to connecting your “things” to the cloud. It comes with an intuitive portal that enables you to fully control your gateways anytime, anyplace.

What is Nebulus?

Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is a readily available “off-the-shelf” product which you can embed as a software gateway inside your products or use as a stand-alone solution. It supports many different protocols and industry standards.

Gateway technology enables you to tap into data that was unavailable before and transform it into information.


  • Connect (legacy) devices instantly to the cloud
  • Capture, aggregate and secure data
  • Control your gateways from a single portal
  • Supports all protocols
  • Supports both upstream and downstream of data
  • Runs on any hardware, no vendor lock-in
Accelerate your IoT with these benefits

Connect existing systems and new devices instantly to the cloud

The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is a software-based IoT solution that instantly connects your devices to the cloud. It allows you to fully focus on analyzing data and spotting opportunities to create business value.

Capture, aggregate and secure information from your devices intelligently

  • Easily connect many IoT devices
  • Start collecting data in minutes
  • Store your data in any cloud setup – not necessarily Azure
  • Advantages when using Azure include analytics, visualization and artificial intelligence
  • The gateway was developed with security in mind

Control your gateways anytime, anyplace

  • Nebulus™ is cloud native and offers you one single cloud-based portal.
  • Configure, update, discover and manage your gateways from the portal, anytime and anyplace.

Customize to your needs

The Gateway was created to be extensible by design, so you can customize its specifications and functionalities according to your needs.


  • Cross platform software gateway
  • Out-of-the-box modules and connectors (including OPC-UA)
  • Dynamic configuration
  • Cloud-based device models
  • Remote updates
  • Device and sensor management
  • Secure gateway activation
  • Central management of your gateways and devices

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Why work with us

Codit helps organizations connect, whether through integration, APIs, cloud development or IoT. The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway was created to assist you in connecting and managing your devices, so you can focus on the business benefits of IoT.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner in integration and Azure, we made sure that Nebulus™ works with Azure and its IoT components.

Our Managed Services team provides you with product support on your way to IoT success. This is included in the license fee.

Partner program

Codit offers a partner program to companies that design, manufacture and distribute hardware or software solutions and that are interested in connecting things to the cloud. Gain a strategic advantage by embedding Nebulus™ IoT Suite components into your offering and save significant time and investment required to develop and maintain similar functionality.

The Nebulus™ IoT Partner Program enables you to:

  • Reduce time to market by seamlessly integrating Nebulus™ with your existing solutions.
  • Receive professional technical support from developers, engineers and the product management team.
  • Gain a competitive advantage and generate new business by providing your customers with game-changing functionalities.
  • Use proven technology, allowing you to focus on your core solutions and increase productivity.

For more information, download the partner program sheet and get in touch!

Download the Partner Program

A word from the client

“The Nebulus gateway has not only allowed us to provision devices and connect them to the cloud, but to do it at our scale – we do thousands of machines every year.”

Stuart Bashford, Digital Officer, Bühler Group

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