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Running Kong on Microsoft Azure

Learn how you can easily run Kong on Microsoft Azure and configure it to serve traffic from Open Brewery DB secured with API key authentication.

21 Feb 2019

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Writing Integration Tests for Azure Event Grid 2.0 - The Scalable Approach

Learn how we've been using Azure Event Grid to build event-driven applications and how we test these applications. Find out what worked - and what didn't.

7 Feb 2019

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Complex Transformations in Logic Apps

Recently, we faced the challenge to perform complex transformations in Logic Apps. We had an EDIFACT D96A ORDER parsed into XML, that had to be transformed into a generic JSON Order format. Let's have a look the issues we faced!

5 Feb 2019

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Consuming Webhooks with Logic Apps

This blog post shows an example of how Logic Apps can be used to react to webhook events.

29 Jan 2019

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Accepting Azure Event Grid events with Azure API Management

Azure API Management & Azure Event Grid are a great combination, but it needs some setup. I've contributed an API Management policy to get you started!

25 Jan 2019

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Reusable Integration Test Building Blocks with F# FScenario and C# Interop

How to make your integration test reliable, correct and more fun to write.

24 Jan 2019
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