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Gain Insights into Databricks Jobs with Arcus Background Jobs

Beginning with Arcus Background Jobs v0.2 we introduced a new library to monitor Databricks clusters. The challenge with Databricks clusters in Azure is that they do not provide out-of-the-box job metrics in Azure Monitor which makes it hard to operate them. This post will show you how our new version of the Arcus Background Jobs library will help you with this problem so the next time you run a Databricks job, you'll be notified right away!

3 Jun 2021

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Recap of Day 1: Integrate 2021 Remote

INTEGRATE REMOTE 2021 brings together experts in the Microsoft Integration Space for a fully virtual conference. We have gathered all highlights of day 1

2 Jun 2021

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UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Predictions

In this blog post, we'll take a look at how we created an application in Azure where both users and AI can predict the outcome of games of the UEFA Euro 2020 football championship. Is man or machine better in predicting the outcome of football games?

28 May 2021

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Explaining the Magic of the Arcus .NET Project Templates

The Arcus templates library contains several 'starting point' project templates you can use at the beginning of a project to eliminate boilerplate code and introduce best practices at the very first line of code. Let's have a look how these project templates are set up so that the 'magic' factor disappears and you can help us improve it!

27 May 2021

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Running Azure PaaS anywhere using Azure application services with Azure Arc

Azure application services with Azure Arc brings the cloud to their customers, instead of the customers to the cloud.

25 May 2021

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Invictifying Azure Data Factory

This blog will showcase a new view on setting up Azure Data Factory by making use of concepts of the Invictus Methodology.

20 May 2021
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