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Deploying SSIS packages from Azure Devops with a Microsoft-hosted agent

Discover how to deploy your SSIS packages from Azure DevOps using the Microsoft-hosted agent pool

10 Oct 2019

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Azure IoT - Building a Smart Office Solution

How we build a smart building solution for our Dutch office.

16 Sep 2019

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Control Your Azure Functions Securely Through Azure API Management

In some scenarios, you need to start/stop your Azure resources based on external events. APIs are a good way to expose this "control plane" functionality, as it allows seamless integration within your enterprise.

8 Aug 2019

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The danger of using config.AddAzureKeyVault() in .NET Core

.NET Core provides a great way to define where your configuration is located. However, the provider for Azure Key Vault is a bit tricky and you should be cautious about potentially wrong credentials due to stale caches.

7 Aug 2019

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Help, My Logic Apps Retries Are Not Firing!

Cloud native applications need to be designed to cope with failure. Logic Apps meets this expectation through its configurable retry mechanisms that are available on each action. However, these retries are not firing in every scenario.

5 Aug 2019
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