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Useful Integration Test Fixtures in a .NET Dependency Injection System

During testing, fixtures are inevitable. Some help with passing information via back-channeling, whilst others help with asserting at unreachable places. In this blog post, explore the possible text fixtures in dependency injection systems.

6 Oct 2022

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Automatic HTTP Client Correlation Tracking in Arcus WebAPI v1.6

Arcus WebAPI v1.6 is all about service-to-service correlation. Both the sending and receiving sides have been updated with cool features to ease the complexity of HTTP correlation.

29 Sep 2022

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The Future of Integration: Migration Paths Explained

Once you have decided an integration solution is important for your organization, preparing and planning for the future must happen as soon as possible. In this blog post, we’ll go over some paths Codit can help you to take.

15 Sep 2022

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Service-to-Service Correlation, One of the Biggest Arcus Features in Observability v2.5

Arcus Observability v2.5 marks a new era in telemetry and correlation functionality. The service-to-service correlation is finally here! Let's take a look at the latest changes in this topic and any other additions.

25 Aug 2022

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The Rise of AIOps and What They Can Offer

As a Managed Service Provider, we rely on ITSM tools to help us monitor and operate the environments we support. Monitoring and alerting are some of the input flows for those systems. In this blog post, we take a look at how these AIOps tools could help organizations to change their way of working for the better.

23 Aug 2022

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It's Not What You Say - It's How You Say It, and Other F# Style Conventions

Code style is maybe one of the most subjective topics in software development, and there can be hard-fought discussions over it. In this post, I'll go over some of my own metaphors for writing F# code

11 Aug 2022
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