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Connect your integration services with Dynamics using oAuth

This article will guide you on how to connect a third party application or an integration service with D365O using oAuth.

13 May 2019

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Choosing between Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio vs Azure Machine Learning Services

Compare the different features of Azure Machine Learning Studio and Services and choose the right product to develop your machine learning solutions.

9 May 2019

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3 Azure Monitor Hidden Gems You Should Use

Azure is full of hidden gems which makes your life easier, here are some I discovered which I find useful.

29 Apr 2019

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New Azure Logic Apps Template for Handling Azure Monitor alerts

You can now create an Azure Alert handler in Azure Logic Apps for Azure Monitor Metric Alerts by using a new template.

9 Apr 2019

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Announcing Arcus

Arcus provides a set of open-source components that make it easier to build applications that run on Microsoft Azure

1 Apr 2019
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