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Go! Reviewing the Fundamentals for Forward Motion in Pace Layered Architecture

In the final part of our blog series about Pace Layered Architecture, we explore the fundamentals of data intelligence - data integration.

9 Sep 2020

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Codit and Microsoft France at SIDO 2020

Codit and Microsoft at SIDO 2020, Europe’s leading IoT, AI, Robotics and XR event

3 Sep 2020

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Get Set: Establishing the Right Framework for Modification

Now that you understand the basics of Pace Layered Architecture, we'll now explore how to modify systems at the appropriate pace.

20 Aug 2020

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Duco is on a Mission to Improve Air Quality in the Home with IoT Driven Solutions

Discover how happy Codit customer Duco Ventilation & Sun Control is harnessing the power of the Azure cloud and IoT to make the world a better place.

18 Jun 2020

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On Your Mark: Understanding the Different Paces

In part three of our blog series about pace layered architecture, we'll be exploring the different paces that make up a pace layered architecture.

19 May 2020

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No More IoT Excuses: Why You Should Implement Now

Get the full – and factual – picture of IoT, as Sam Vanhoutte, Codit CTO and Microsoft Azure MVP, debunks common IoT misconceptions.

24 Apr 2020
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