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Codit and T-Mining Team Up for the ChainPORT Hackathon 2018

Together with T-Mining we explored how IoT and Blockchain can combat cocaine smuggling in the maritime industry.

18 Oct 2018

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Open Source, from Microsoft with Love

Microsoft has bought GitHub. For no less than 7.5 billion dollars. This is undeniably a huge amount of money. But if you ask me, it’s a bargain. A smart investment with great return prospects. Because, with the takeover of the platform, Microsoft will also be gaining a major developer community.

15 Jun 2018

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Looking Back at INTEGRATE 2018

Last week, Codit was represented at INTEGRATE 2018 with a big delegation! With more than 20 people from the different Microsoft product teams and 25 speakers (2 from Codit), this is the biggest event to remain up-to-date with the latest evolutions in the integration space. After this successful edition, it's time to look back at the most important announcements!

11 Jun 2018

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Risk Management When the Can is Kicked Down the Road

A best practice guide when faced with uncertain results during a project due to lack of information.

19 Feb 2018

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IoT is not the goal, it is a means

Internet of things (IoT) is hot. And it should be! But one of the major misconceptions is that IoT projects are overly focused on technology. At times I have been guilty of that myself. It appears that the gap between business and IT has reopened in this respect. The business does not understand enough about IT, of its possibilities, and IT does not know enough about the business, of what is needed.

7 Nov 2017

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Codit Connect 2017 - Recap

CONNECT 2017, a 2-day event organized by Codit filled with integration concepts and the latest trends within Internet of Things and Azure technologies. Read the recap here.

13 Oct 2017
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