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IoT in Practice: the Power of Remote and Predictive Maintenance

IoT offers endless possibilities in manufacturing and other industries, not only to improve supply-chain efficiency, but also as a means to remotely control the health conditions of your machine infrastructure and predict maintenance service.

15 Feb 2019

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Demo of Blockchain Tech is Now Live in Microsoft Tech Centres Across Europe

Codit’s ‘Transport and Logistics Fresh Goods Scenario’ is currently being demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centres across Europe.

6 Feb 2019

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A Starter's Guide to Creating a Blockchain Consortia - Part 1

In Part 1 of this Blockchain blog post series, learn about what a consortium is and why you may need one.

10 Jan 2019

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Event Recap: Harness the Power of Blockchain for Business

We recently held an event for Blockchain for Business with Microsoft. Discover what participants learned.

5 Dec 2018

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Codit at Azure Digital Twins – EMEA Summit at NEST

Sam Vanhoutte has been learning all about Microsoft's latest offering - Azure Digital Twins, this is what he has discovered so far...

6 Nov 2018

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Codit and T-Mining Team Up for the ChainPORT Hackathon 2018

Together with T-Mining we explored how IoT and Blockchain can combat cocaine smuggling in the maritime industry.

18 Oct 2018
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