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Five Eye-Openers That Make Your IoT Project A Success

There are five reasons why many IoT projects fail. At the same time, there are also five solutions to make your IoT project succeed.

13 Aug 2019

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CONNECT 2019 - Read the Recap

28 May marked our second CONNECT event, where attendees could see firsthand the latest evolution in integration, the API economy, IoT and AI.

25 Jun 2019

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The Best of Hannover Messe 2019

The Swiss Codit team were present at Hannover Messe last week, here is what they discovered.

9 Apr 2019

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Codit Presents at the Building The Future Event in Lisbon

Back in January, Codit were present at the "Building the Future" event in Lisbon. Find out how it went....

28 Feb 2019

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IoT in Practice: the Power of Remote and Predictive Maintenance

IoT offers endless possibilities in manufacturing and other industries, not only to improve supply-chain efficiency, but also as a means to remotely control the health conditions of your machine infrastructure and predict maintenance service.

15 Feb 2019

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Demo of Blockchain Tech is Now Live in Microsoft Tech Centres Across Europe

Codit’s ‘Transport and Logistics Fresh Goods Scenario’ is currently being demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centres across Europe.

6 Feb 2019
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