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The Need for Speed - Gartner’s Pace Layered Architecture

In part two of our blog series about pace layered architecture, we'll be looking in detail at how Gartner defines this concept.

9 Apr 2020

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Intro to Pace Layered Architecture

The Key to Evolution: Apply the Right Pace to the Right Place in Your Architecture

11 Mar 2020

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Connect, Capture, Cultivate: Reaping Insights through Living Plant Data

Codit works with Dutch scale-up Plant-e to transform vegetation into information

24 Jan 2020

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Ignite Session: Monoliths vs Microservices - Why they both have a place in your platform journey

Discover insights for building the right platform for your app-needs in this overview

8 Nov 2019

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Five Eye-Openers That Make Your IoT Project A Success

There are five reasons why many IoT projects fail. At the same time, there are also five solutions to make your IoT project succeed.

13 Aug 2019

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CONNECT 2019 - Read the Recap

28 May marked our second CONNECT event, where attendees could see firsthand the latest evolution in integration, the API economy, IoT and AI.

25 Jun 2019
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