Nebulus IoT Gateway

Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

Link any sensor or device in a couple of minutes to the Microsoft Azure cloud

The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is a software-based IoT solution, that instantly connects your devices to your cloud, which allows you to focus on creating business value. It was created to be extensible by design, allowing you to customize its specifications and functionalities according to your needs. The gateway foresees in all required functionalities to cope with connectivity issues, cloud based configuration management and security challenges. 

Connectivity for better interactivity

Connect your systems and new devices instantly to the cloud without giving in on security, performance and flexibilty.

Capture, aggregate and secure all information from your devices intelligently.

Leverage the power of the cloud to configure, update, discover and manage your gateways.


Io TGetaway _Simple Implementation


The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway comes with several adapters and can further connect out-of-the-box adapters with a wide range of sensors and systems (Bluetooth, Modbus, SNMP, OPC-UA, HTTP(s), SQL, AMQP, MQTT).

Do your sensors and systems come with propriety interfaces? Don’t worry. You can develop custom adapters using .NET or we can create a custom adapter for you that will meet your specific criteria.

  • Software gateway
    The Nebulus IoT™ Gateway is a software service that can be installed on Windows or Linux operating systems, running on diverse types of hardware. The gateway is designed to be independent of hardware.
  • Out-of-the-box modules and connectors
    The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway comes with several connectors and can further connect out-of-the-box connectors with a wide range of sensors and systems (Bluetooth, Modbus, SNMP, OPC-UA, HTTP(S), SQL, AMQP, MQTT).
  • Azure IoT Edge
    Nebulus™ will be Azure IoT Edge ready and will be compatible at the first release of Azure IoT edge.
  • Dynamic configuration
    Define the path that telemetry data and commands should travel between devices and the backend. Configure common functionalities such as connectivity, message formatting, parsing, enrichment, batching and filtering.
  • Cloud-based device models
    A cloud-based repository provides you easy access, not only for people within your local team, but also for remote team members, to add new device models and to find existing onces.
  • Remote updates
    Deploy the gateway in a distributed and isolated environment. Supports push updates from the cloud to the gateway allowing you to fix security issues, add features and push new modules from a central location, in an orchestrated way.
  • Device and sensor management
    Provision, monitor, manage and update the gateways that are deployed in your IoT infrastructure.
  • Secure gateway activation
    Built on Microsoft Azure IoT Gateway SDK, the gateway bridges the connectivity challenges easily without giving in on security, performance, and flexibility. Stream data to the cloud in a safe manner.
  • Extensible logging and diagnostics
    Keep track of logs and trace actions to determine whether the gateways are running correctly. Identify specific errors or warnings fast and troubleshoot quickly.

You can use the Nebulus™ IoT Gateway as a standalone solution or extend the capabilities of your existing OEM products. We help you tackle and solve your connectivity issues, allowing your team to focus on other challenges they face.

The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway is a ready available "off-the-shelf" product which you can embed as a "white labeled" software gateway inside your product. 

Product support is included when purchasing the Nebulus™ IoT Gateway. Our in-house Managed Services team is available 24/7/365 to make sure that you get the right support, whenever you need it.

Built on Microsoft Azure IoT Gateway SDK, the gateway supports many different protocols, industry standards and bridges the connectivity challenges easily without giving in on security, performance, and flexibility.

Why work with us? 

Codit started in 2000 as integration specialist mainly focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, and has grown to become a one stop Competence Center for services and solutions based on different Microsoft technologies and a trusted partner and advisor in Azure cloud. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, that is all about connecting things to the cloud, diving into IoT was only a logical step for an integration expert team like Codit. We provide you with the experience and the expertise your IoT project needs to be kicked off quickly while keeping future growth and evolutions in mind.

What the expert says

No more worries about device connectivity. The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway accelerates your IoT process and focuses on value creation both internally and externally. 

Sam Vanhoutte, CTO, Codit

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