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Empowering Generations of Coders: A Look into Helena's Role at Codit

Azure Trainer Helena Gives Specialized Trainings to Both Colleagues and Kids

Hi! I’m Helena. As an Azure trainer, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge with technical employees at Codit. Every first Tuesday of the month, I lead a two-week Azure training program for newcomers. This training is open to all employees and is sometimes even attended by those who have been working at the company for a while and want to brush up on their skills. After each training session, I evaluate its effectiveness by requesting feedback from attendees, and I provide additional information or explanation when needed.

In addition to this regular training, I also provide specialized courses for specific target audiences, such as an Azure AZ-900 Certification training for Sales colleagues, or Azure Fundamentals training for non-technical employees.

Developing training materials, such as presentations, training labs, and videos, is another important part of my job. I also keep the current training materials up-to-date, so that they are always relevant and accurate. Staying up-to-date with new Azure features and updates is crucial, and I devote a lot of time to studying Azure topics. However, the most challenging aspect of my work is estimating the level of knowledge and experience of the participants. The success of the training largely depends on this. Even though I provide the same program every month, it can vary depending on the new trainees. This helps keep the training interesting and engaging for everyone.

In addition to my work at Codit, I also volunteer for CoderDojo, a global network of coding clubs for young people. Recently, I helped out at “The Coolest Projects,” an annual event held at the Technopolis science museum in Mechelen, Belgium. Kids under 18 showcased their IT projects created using Scratch, Python, or other programming languages and hardware boards such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. My cousin and I were there to assist with setting up, guidance, interviewing, taking pictures, and cleaning up.

At the event, I was amazed to see young kids of all ages and genders proudly presenting and explaining their projects. Several different awards were presented, such as prizes for the most innovative, creative and sustainable projects, the best in the field of collaboration, the best in the field of technology, and the best seller of a project.

I was particularly impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of the projects. One girl had incorporated LED lights into her dress and backpack, which flickered with certain frequencies and color patterns. Another project was an electric train created by two brothers, which charges itself while driving. A group of boys won the award for best collaboration for their fire-fighting robot, which was able to detect and extinguish fires. A brother and sister programmed an educational game for their primary school by using Scratch.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for young people to showcase their skills, gain feedback and share their passion for technology with others. It was also a great chance for me to connect with a global community of like-minded individuals and to inspire my nephew, who now wants to try out some Python projects with the Raspberry Pi we have at home. I can’t wait to teach him and see where his creativity takes him.

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