Recap of Day 2: Integrate 2022

INTEGRATE 2022 brings together experts in the Microsoft Integration Space for a Hybrid event in London. These are the highlights from day 2, from the perspective of the Codit staff following the event.

Enterprise Integration is Not Easy

Although we have new techniques and new technology in the Cloud, DevOps and more, it takes a special mindset to do Integration the right way.

Thinking about the scaling, performance, logging and administration of Integrations in the enterprise is crucial to creating interfaces that are ready for the future and will contribute to your business.

There are Multiple Ways to Integrate with Dynamics365, Be Sure to Pick the Right Way

Making the right choice from the start of your project prevents performance and maintenance issues later on. Decide which application will take on certain responsibilities and do a thorough investigation based on the expected load and what kinds of knowledge your team has.

Be sure to check out our whitepaper on integrating with Dynamics365:

More and More Applications are Being Integrated with Event Grid

Event Grid is an extremely powerful component within the Azure Integration Services, and more and more applications and components are being integrated with it!

The more applications that can be integrated with Event Grid to emit their events, the more powerful and important your Event Grid implementation will become. After this, a business can react to a situation the moment it arises.

Always Keep Security in Mind

Be sure to always keep security in mind — basic security principles are forgotten way too much and this can lead to potential attacks.

For example, every user should use their own account, rather than sharing them for easier access.

Check back here tomorrow for updates on day 3!

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