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Catering for Azure Cosmos DB Optimistic Concurrency

Optimistic concurrency control (OCC) is a form of concurrency control that allows multiple database transactions to occur without conflicting with each other. This blog will explore how to implement OCC for Azure Cosmos DB, when making data transactions from a C# code.

16 Sep 2021

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YAML Pipeline Templates for iPaaS Solutions

YAML pipelines are great for deploying Azure-based iPaaS solutions. They provide configuration-as-code and support the creation of pipeline templates. However, as the number of integrations grows, the complexity of pipelines increases. This sets the need for a scalable pipeline design that provides a uniform development experience and minimizes configuration effort. This post explores such a design.

9 Sep 2021

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Taking messaging to the next level with Arcus Messaging v1.0

Arcus Messaging v1.0 release is the biggest one yet, providing more ways to authenticate and many other improvements.

2 Sep 2021

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Microsoft 💘 Open Source - How and Why Microsoft is Backing Open Source on MJF Chat

Listen to Mary-Jo Foley & Tom Kerkhove discussing Microsoft & open-source

23 Aug 2021

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The power of the Arcus secret store

A question we get a lot, is what added-value the Arcus secret store provides. 'Why not use the Azure Key Vault SDK directly?' In this post we'll take a look at the true power of the Arcus secret store so you understand why you should use the Arcus secret store in your next project.

19 Aug 2021

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How to Handle Azure API Management Validation Policies

Developers can use validation policies to validate API requests and responses against their OpenAPI spec directly in APIM. This way, you can avoid calling your backend with incorrect data. This blog describes how to add the validation policies to your APIM policies and how to handle the exceptions.

12 Aug 2021
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