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AI Fraud Detection in Context

In this short vlog, Frank Roessig, Head Cloud Apps, Data & AI, Telindus Luxembourg, talks about AI fraud detection and how it has become increasingly more important for B2C and B2B businesses.

28 Jan 2021

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Deployment Issues with Logic Apps Custom Connector

A Logic Apps Custom Connector allows you to register a custom HTTP endpoint with operations that will be exposed within Azure Logic Apps. In this article we're going to find out how to connect to on-premises SOAP services without having to use xml from within Azure Logic Apps.

21 Jan 2021

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Integrating Arcus API Security Filters within F# Giraffe Function Pipelines

Arcus already has several API security filters to tighten access for the available endpoints. But all these filters are created with the standard OOP MVC mindset. Let's have a look at how we can change that into a functional mindset.

7 Jan 2021

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Make Integration Testing a Breeze with API Mocking

Integration testing is a must if you want stable software. However, it's difficult to get your integration tests to call the real dependencies, especially when it comes to load tests. That's where API mocking can help. This article will explain you how to do that with maximizing the power of Azure!

6 Jan 2021

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Find out Why Senior Consultant, Vincent ter Maat, Likes Working for Codit

Today we introduce you to Vincent ter Maat, Azure and IoT specialist, who has been working for Codit for more than 5 years. Find out why Vincent thinks Codit is a great place to work in this exclusive interview.

7 Dec 2020

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How to Configure Loopback Services at Azure API Management

Wondering how to configure your Azure API Management to have loopback calls for your service catalog? In this post, we share how we did it.

3 Dec 2020
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