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New KEDA 2.0 Release Simplifies Application Autoscaling on Kubernetes

KEDA 2.0 is now available for production-workloads and simplifies application autoscaling on Kubernetes with more scalers, better security, extensibility and so much more.

12 Nov 2020

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Introducing More Message Flow Control with Azure Service Bus in Arcus Messaging v0.5

Previous versions of Arcus Messaging have a set of message handling system where messages can be routed and processed according to contextual information, but it didn't cover all the scenarios that our customers have, such as providing a way to manually dead-letter a message.

5 Nov 2020

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Industry 4.0 - Marketing vs. Reality and Obstacles in Digital Projects

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, whether it is the implementation, the complexity of technologies or the existing innovative power in the company. Too little time is devoted to a concrete approach and the stumbling blocks. We will show you some points that need special attention.

30 Oct 2020

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The Future of Integration: Apply the Right Pace to the Right Place

Upgrading your business doesn’t have to mean uprooting your backend. Learn how to evolve your customer-facing services even with a dinosaur mainframe under the hood. In this Codit Guide, you'll discover the advantages of pace layered architecture and what foundations you need in place to be successful.

26 Oct 2020

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Role-based Authorization by Low-Level Customization of the Arcus Secret Store

The secret store available in Arcus may be more customizable than you think. It allows full control of the sources where the secrets can be retrieved but it also allows you to do other things. In this post I'll show you how role-based authorization can be achieved in the secret store.

22 Oct 2020

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BizTalk Performance Issues Caused by DTD Processing

In this blog post Pim Simons explores why DTD processing might cause performance issues on your BizTalk environment.

9 Oct 2020
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