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Fully Integrating with Microsoft Technology in Arcus Messaging v1.4

We have seen a whole new wave of changes in Arcus that only strengthens our relationship with Microsoft technology. The Arcus Messaging v1.4 release is no different.

24 Jan 2023

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Data-Driven Testing as a Step Towards Property-Based Testing

Property-based testing can be daunting, especially if you come from simple test examples. This post demonstrates the need for a step between the two: data-driven tests.

19 Jan 2023

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Video: Make the Move from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services

In this explainer video, take a look at the potential migration paths for your organization, once you've made the decision to move to AIS.

16 Jan 2023

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Synchronous Secret Retrieval in Arcus Security v1.9

In some cases, an asynchronous context is missing. This can cause a bit of friction. The newest Arcus Security release has fixed this, with minimal changes to your code base.

12 Jan 2023

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Rethinking Event Publishing in Arcus EventGrid v3.3

The Arcus EventGrid v3.3 release brings event publishing to a whole new level. It simplifies and enhances the whole process into something very powerful. Keep reading to find out how.

5 Jan 2023

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Wrapping up the Results of our 2022 FIFA World Cup Prediction Application

In this blog post we'll take a look at the results from our prediction application for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We will look at some interesting data, how the AI bots did in regard to our colleagues, and what were some of the learnings from our project?

2 Jan 2023
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