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Unlocking Manufacturing Efficiency: Leveraging Data in SMED for Problem Solving

SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die. It’s a lean manufacturing technique aimed at reducing the time it takes to change over a production line from one product to another. Its primary goal is to reduce downtime during changeovers.

16 Feb 2024

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First Arcus Observability Release of 2024 Starts with a Bang

The inaugural Arcus release of 2024 marks a significant milestone for the Arcus Observability library. In this post, we'll delve into the notable highlights.

15 Feb 2024

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Unlocking the Potential of AI: Codit Connect 2023

Every year, our Codit Connect event provides the opportunity for experts to gather and discuss all things data. This year, the hot topic was AI. Watch the video now to discover the power of collaboration and data strategy in AI, and how Codit can help you turn your raw data into actionable insights.

12 Feb 2024

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A Comprehensive Approach for Testing an Unexplored System Involving Everyone

I was recently involved in providing tests for a system that was not tested. This post will go over the process of providing these tests, while ensuring that you're keeping the whole team involved.

8 Feb 2024

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Why Lean Manufacturing Needs Data Integration

In the pursuit of waste reduction and quality maintenance, dynamic processes are paramount. The integration of data systems, spanning from internal operations to collaborative partnerships, plays a pivotal role in achieving data-driven lean manufacturing, fostering real-time decision-making and enhancing overall productivity.

2 Feb 2024

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Resiliency Policies in Azure Container Apps

In a distributed system, components may fail, networks may experience delays, or nodes may become unreachable. By designing a system to be resilient, you ensure that it can gracefully handle failures and continue providing services. Azure Container Apps recently released a new feature to effortlessly overcome the outbound dependency request failures. Let's try it out.

1 Feb 2024
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