Televic Healthcare

Televic Offers More Flexibility Across Healthcare Facilities with IoT

Televic’s IoT Care Communication System Unleashes Patients from Intramural Care – Giving Them More Flexibility Across Healthcare Facilities.


Creating New Revenue Streams in Logistics by Connecting Data

Data utility platform eliminates redundant data entry and sky rockets productivity for the Port of Antwerp.

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines’ Digital Transformation Takes Off

Brussels Airlines delivers next-level customer and employee experiences thanks to data integration.


IoT Takes Bühler Group from Field to Fork

IoT exponentially increases the efficiency of Bühler Group’s food processing equipment.

Fluiconnecto Holding

Fluiconnecto Offers Hyper-Personalization to Thousands of Customers

New cloud-based e-commerce platform delivers hyper-personalization to Fluiconnecto’s customers.


Soudal is Digitally Transforming Sales in the Chemical Industry

Soudal’s sales team have increased their productivity using a mobile app to seamlessly process orders.

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