NxtPort is Creating New Revenue Streams in Logistics by Connecting Data

Data utility platform eliminates redundant data entry and sky rockets productivity for the Port of Antwerp.

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Executive summary

NxtPort streamlines information across the Port of Antwerp community’s logistical chain with a data utility platform. Thanks to this platform multiple data siloes are integrated sky-rocketing data accuracy and productivity for all stakeholders.

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As Europe’s most productive seaport, the Port of Antwerp consists of many moving parts and players in the transport industry. They are all working simultaneously to ensure the secure, legal, and economical transport of goods. However, they were collecting and managing their transport data in separate databases. The Port of Antwerp community saw that this isolated approach led to redundant data entry and created costly inefficiencies across the transport chain. They teamed up with the data integration experts at NxtPort to explore ways to streamline communications across transit operations.

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Siloed data and redundancies

One shipment into the Port of Antwerp means at least 20 to 30 different companies – ranging from legal, security and finances – are involved in the process. Each of these companies work out of their own isolated databases. The only way to move data from one system to another by manual data entry.

Not only was this a paper-heavy process, this cumbersome method led to redundant work and a high probability of data inaccuracies through human error.

The Port of Antwerp were looking for ways to cut costs and efficiently manage historical shipping data. The main goal; streamline communications between stakeholders and ensure that data is always up to date and accurate.

Codit’s expertise in Azure and API Management made our choice in partner a no-brainer.

Hans Verbeeck CTO, NxtPort


Codit worked with NxtPort to develop a flexible infrastructure which connects networks via APIs and transfers data between connecting systems. Data integrity, privacy, and ownership of logistical data are ensured through a secure and easy-to-use API management tool.

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Connecting the dots

NxtPort wanted to quickly develop and deploy a system that meets their high standards. With these requirements in mind, they chose Microsoft Azure as their integration platform. Azure’s pre-defined construction blocks ensured that NxtPort could quickly build a high-quality cloud-based platform .

High on NxtPort’s priority list was to deploy a system to all key players with minimal disruption. They decided to use an agile API layer in combination with Microsoft Azure, which allows for the individual needs of the stakeholders to be accommodated by customized data sharing.

Codit’s expertise in Azure and API Management made them a natural collaboration partner for NxtPort


The solution eliminates costly redundancy through a set of APIs that can efficiently and securely connect data between stakeholders, enabling transparency and interoperability between existing platforms. On this foundation transportation players can build applications tailored to their own needs while keeping full ownership and control of their data.

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Streamlining data, in-depth analytics

NxtPort’s project is a huge success within the Port of Antwerp Community. Key stakeholders now harness the power of this new platform and have seen massive reductions in redundant data entry and data inaccuracy. The natural follow on is cost-savings and an increase in productivity.   

 The future is bright for NxtPort as they envision using the new data utility platform for the constantly evolving needs and advancements of the Port of Antwerp.

NxtPort plans to support the community further with blockchain data records, and the Internet of Things (IoT), with in-depth analytics to bring insights into the transport process being the main near-future goal.

A word from the client

“Our APIs not only need to be secure but also robust, reliable, and industrially designed. Codit brought all the best practices from the years of experience they have to help us build such a solution.”

Hans Verbeeck CTO at NxtPort

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