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Why is my Azure Function host permanently stopped?!

Azure Function forces the host to shut down if app_offline.htm is in your wwwroot folder

We were rolling out a new version of our Azure Function app which introduced durable Functions – It’s a great way to orchestrate multiple steps in a process across multiple functions.

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that the Azure Function host was constantly shutting down. Interesting.

So I started the Azure Function diagnostics which is a great way to analyse what’s going on in terms of configuration et al.

No Key Vault references were broken, nothing was misconfigured and all our functions were correctly discovered – Hm, I was clueless.

When I came back in the office I’ve noticed that everything was back up and running, huh. It turns out my colleague Bjorn Baekelant found the issue – Once he deleted app_offline.htm from wwwroot it started up again!

I was pretty surprised to see that happening and it turns out that Azure Function forces the host to shut down if app_offline.htm is in your wwwroot folder.

For some reason, app_offline.htm was added to our folder which was the culprit. Once removed, everything was mitigated. Another lesson never to forget anymore.

Oh, and don’t ship things on Friday!

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